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Yatha Guru Tatha Chela.





If you ever wondered how shameless, duplicitous, cunning one can be! Then surely you have not met a true CONman yet.

On October 6th, 2010. Rahul Gandhi (40 years old Middle Aged) Clown Prince of CON party once again shot his mouth off and equated RSS with SIMIMiddle Aged Clown Prince with serious ‘foot in mouth’ disease is reported to have parroted the lie his CON party has been peddling for years. Middle Aged Clown Prince said and I quote,

“Both these organisations have hardline fundamentalist ideologies.”

When pointed out to 40 years Old Middle Aged Clown Prince that SIMI is a ‘proscribed’ organization while RSS is not, the Scion of CON party said and I quote,

“…both these organisations preach fundamentalist ideologies. That’s a fact and nothing is going to change that fact,”

Rahul Middle Aged Gandhi is not to be blamed for this gaffe and/or outright stupendous statement. Well, at least I give him benefit of ‘Ignorance’. I never expect any ‘sensible’ thing from him even. Since the Middle Aged man has neither grown up ‘mentally’ nor has become Man enough to think independently still.

This reflects truly the ‘mantel’ of this 40 years Old Middle Aged man whom the Paid Media Maharathis has been projecting as ‘future PM’ of India. Sic!

But then Rahul just ‘parroted’ what has been tutored to him by The Most CON man of CON party –Digvijay Singh. Who has been given the ‘onerous’ task of making Rahul a true CON prince.

‘Yatha Guru Tatha Chela’ is an old Indian wisdom. With a Teacher as shameless, duplicitous and cunning as Diggy Raja is, will Rahul be any different? Sic!

Recently on Karan Thapar’s Devils’ Advocate the ‘UGLIEST’ face of CON man came to fore. Not that we didn’t know it- only this time it is well recorded. Watch Just how shameless this man is!

Watch This…

Two Three quick points …

Diggy Raja (Loathsome CON man) accuses RSS because ‘alleged’ Hindu Terrorists had RSS background thus blame RSS, but CON party is not to be blamed for Sikh Massacre perpetrated by CON party GOONS under Rajiv Gandhi’s Watch?

– For this Sick CON man planting bomb is terror act (which indeed is) but dragging out innocent Sikhs Men, Women, Children on to streets and put on fire ALIVE is not terror act!!!! SICK IS HE NOT???

– Further all those who he names as Hindu terrorists and ‘implicated’ are yet to be convicted. While CON party REWARDED Tytler with Ministry and Sajjan is still not convicted even after 25 years.

– This bugger is just ‘sorry’ for GENOCIDE OF SIKH MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN who were butchered since it happened after math of Indira’s assassination!

– This loathsome man doesn’t find killing 3000 SIKHS by CON goons as an act of COMMUNAL terror!

– This CON Man visited the houses of SIMI terrorists killed in Batala House encounter but has no tear for Inspector M C Sharma who sacrificed life in line of duty!


Forewarning/Forecasting : This loathsome CON man- Diggy Raja- could become ( if I believe whispers in New Delhi’s corridors of Power) an interregnum Prime Minister some time in 2012 when your President PP retires and Mata’s Prime Minion MMS shifts to Rashtrapati  Bhawan. BEWARE.

Hope will be around to see if I am right or not.



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Shaheed Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan 7th, Bihar Regiment, Indian Army

Shaheed Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan 7th, Bihar Regiment, Indian Army.

Even before the tears of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s mother could dry up, Congress general secretary and heir apparent Rahul Gandhi who hold License to Rule went partying with his pals at a farmhouse on Delhi’s outskirts.

Rahul in party mood soon after Mumbai


Mail Today Bureau

New Delhi, December 1, 2008


License to Govern

License to Govern


The Prince partied hard, till 5 in the morning, on Sunday at the ‘sangeet’ for the forthcoming wedding of Samir Sharma, his childhood friend. They were at a sprawling farmhouse at Radhey Mohan Chowk, the haven of people who lead charmed lives beyond Chhatarpur.

Just a day earlier, his sister Priyanka Vadra had caused a flutter by saying the late Indira Gandhi would have “made us very proud” by the way she would have reacted to the Mumbai terror strikes. Mumbai appeared to be far from her brother’s mind as he boogied at the farmhouse with Samir Sharma, US-based furniture designer son of Captain Satish Sharma, the late Rajiv Gandhi’s flying partner who nursed the First Family’s pocketborough, Rae Bareli, till Sonia Gandhi chose to contest from there in 2004.

The Prince seemed to be completely out of sync with the mood of the nation post-26/11. Since Wednesday night, officials have been cancelling parties they were meant to host and even restaurants called off special events.

Saturday night’s ‘sangeet’ was a lavish affair. It was hosted by Leena Musafir, sister of the woman with whom Samir is getting married, and her husband Inder. The party was attended by over 800 guests, including regulars at Page 3 dos. “When everyone is cancelling parties or just keeping them low-key, Rahul Gandhi had no business to be celebrating. His action makes us lose faith in future leaders,” said Ajay Bahl, a leading corporate lawyer who was trapped in the thick of the action on 26/11 at The Oberoi, Mumbai, but managed to escape with the help of the hotel staff.

The Gandhis, including Sonia Gandhi’s mother Paola Maino, were present in strength at the 2004 wedding of Samir’s sister, Sarika, who is married to actorturned- TV producer Rahul Bhatt. Sarika and Rahul now manage a television production house.

The two families may be very close — Captain Sharma and his wife, Sterre, were present throughout the very private wedding of Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra — but the circumstances now are very different.

As a guest at the ‘sangeet’ remarked on the condition of anonymity, “We were all partying, but none of us is a public person. Rahul Gandhi, however, is. He must be more responsible in his social appearances.

Courtesy: Mail Today

My only urge Listen to this, think and decide.

ai mere vatan ke logo.n
zaraa aa.Nkh me.n bhar lo paanii
jo shahiid hue hai.n unakii
zaraa yaad karo qurabaanii




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The ‘Buck’ should stop at ‘Her’ for inflicting Man Manmohan Singh as Prime Minion and PP as You’re President.

Replacing one ‘Zombie’ with another is too little too late.


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A, B, C of the Great ‘Indian Secular Conspiracy.’

Hindu Terror? As Absurd as a Non Veg Cow.

Hindu Terror? As Absurd a term as finding Non Existent Non Veg Cow.

The Great ‘Indian Secular Conspiracy’ is at work in the final year of this Hand Picked Prime Minister Minion of Master Sonia Gandhi. But why? Let us see…

May 2004, proved to be the turning point in the modern history of India. The year witnessed the most bizarre political drama and the Nation was dammed to be ruled ruined by the Gang of looters, petty criminals, turncoats, and petty regional chieftains.

Circa 2004, Post election results, the Gang some how cobbled up nos on the mutual ‘Give and Take’ basis – in lay man paralance agreeing honorably to share THE LOOT – under the Leadership of Reluctant Indian and named it as United Progressive Alliance! UPA? Huh!

Let us have a relook at the name United Progressive Alliance.

  1. United: Oh! Each partner fought against another partner and decidedly against the pivot of Alliance in each and every state: Congress. Not only were 2004 general elections fought against each other but even after the UPA was formed at the centre.
  2. Progressive: This is most ironical and certainly not funny either. Reservations, Communal budgeting, Muslims appeasement, Shame less abuse of Central agencies for favoring Madam’s friends be it Mr. Q or arranging clean chits for laloos or framing political opponents… glorious examples of ‘Progressiveness’!
  3. Alliance: Hahahahaha! We all know what type of alliance they make and we witnessed that in Lok Sabha, when political fixers and Dalals had a field day.

Amazing isn’t it!

Since the unholy and opportunistic alliance needed a façade to explain away the ‘marriage of convince’ Secularism had been chosen as the Grand Bonding Glue and each of the Gang Member claimed to be more Secular than other, a fierce battle of :Who is more Secular than another started among them selves. Competitive Secularism, you may so call it. Each of them devised and proposed the more and more outrageous mean to claim ‘More Secular’ than another. Since ‘Secularism’ for these thugs is to berate any and every thing Hindu thus an undeclared code was agreed upon to launch a smear campaign against all the symbols of Hinduism.

This government of Sonia Gandhi’s Prime Minion took extra pain to be seen as more ‘secular’ among the secularists that it went in overdrive, which would appease the ‘Secular Votes’. This would still have been bearable to an extent but in their zeal to be more ‘Secular’ than the other ‘secular’ they unleashed series of attempts to heap humiliation on Hindus. Things got so worse that they dared to challenge the historicity of Lord Rama too!

But then, Jihadi groups spoiled the party for ‘secularists’.

These Jehadis kept doing their religious duty by killing the Kafirs in city after city after city. Trains, Bus, Markets, Temples, Streets, Auditoriums where ever they could find some Kafirs they blew them up. Since the Govt. even if for a name sake – is said to be running the state affairs – terrorists were caught and invariably they turned out to Muslim sounding names.

This made these ‘Secular Fundamentalists’ squirm. They wondered: what to do as their ‘secularism’ becomes questionable in the eyes of ‘secular voters’ if they catch only Jehadi! Not that they wanted to catch Jehadis but as the each terrorist turned out to be Jehadi alone, they were embarrassed.

Supreme Court’s order and subsequent quashing of plea for Afzal’s hanging was another ‘albatross’ around their neck. Being most Secularists they were in a strange dilemma: To hang Afzal and forfeit their claim of being ‘Secualr’ or to treat him as son in law: so they were blamed on being soft on terror.

Then happened: ‘Batala House’ encounter.

All hell broke loose. Secularists were out on prowl claming the encounter was fake and the ‘Secular Vote Holders’ – exploiting the time as nation entered in election mode – went for overdrive to make the Govt look visibly uncomfortable.

Sec Soc media all this while kept the ante up on the ‘secular brigade’.

First the MSM themselves coined the term of Islamic Terrorism and kept TV screens ablaze with ‘We The peoples’, Big Fights, Face the Nations etc, I am saying this as I have not come across any statement made by any responsible leader from the so called ‘Communal Party’ who equated all Muslims with terror. Even you’re truly always maintained that “terrorists apprehended had/have Muslim sounding names”. Yet the Media kept harping on Islamic terror and each time any terrorist was caught immediately Sec Soc Media would make it as: a Muslim community is being targeted in the name of fighting terror. Facts, Logic, Reasoning or even the simple National Interest were sacrificed at the altars of this ‘perverse secularism’.

Thus a Hindu Terror face was needed as a counter to the Jihadi terror.

Since the so called ‘Hindu Terrorism’ is/was non existent and the secularists were so desperate they invented one. If only the Prime Minion and his Master could lay hand on some Saffron Clad Sadhu or Sadhwi, implicate in some terror conspiracy, thus all their problems would be solved.

How and Why, I say so?

How nice it would be to counter Nationalist’s demand to purge the ever rising Jihadi Terror would be scuttled and Hindu Terror would be thrown back at their faces should they get a Hindu Terrorist!

How convenient a tool in the hands of ‘secular fundamentalists’ to beat the Nationalists labeled as ‘Communal forces’ by repeatedly propagating the false hood of ‘saffron terror’ or Hindu Terror!

Unfortunately Sahdhwi’s arrest became a rallying point of all ‘secularists’ and immediately she was branded as the face of ‘Saffron Terror or Hindu Terror’. This is precisely what they were so desperately looking for. How could the ‘Secular Gang’ miss this opportunity to paint the Hindus in black!

Thus started an elaborate plan to raise a bogey of Hindu Terror and to provide the Jihadis some respite so they could first vote for the ‘Secularists’ and get some breathing time to regroup and get back to business of killing innocent Indians.

Selective leaks to the pliant and ever obliging Sec Soc media created Hindu Terror as a moral/social/political equivalence to the Jehadi Terror. SEC SOC Media willingly lapped this up with both hands and in an election year a Gobbles campaign to malign the entire Hindu is unleashed.

Nation has been forced to forget that under this govt thousands of innocent Indians including children and women lost their lives and limbs while the Prime Minion was being hailed as ‘Singh is King’ and his Gang keep trumpeting their ‘Secular Bigul’ from ever available ramparts.

Nothing is sacrosanct now. No matter if all this is doing incalculable damage to the Morale of Armed Forces. No matter if the Communal Gulf is widened more by every passing day. No Matter if the Jihadi sponsoring not so friendly neighbors are emboldened. No matter if the enemies of nation are in splits and are having gala time to watch all this unfolding. Not even the National security and Integrity matter any more for these ‘Secular Limpets’.

What a sorry pass our great Nation has come to! Sigh…!

And this entire elaborate charade the ‘Great Indian Secular Conspiracy’ is to gain few more fistfuls ‘Secular Votes’?

Yossarin my friend has unmasked some interesting details in his exhaustive studies and posted here at offstumped. A look at his findings and reasoning are eye opening ones and reaffirms my saying the there is a ‘Great Indian Secular Conspiracy’ going on currently and is detrimental to the very existence of Bharat and Bhartiyita.

High time we all Indians realize this and if we have even an iota of love for the great Nation our Bharat is, act prudently and the only way we can do that is: Vote out this bunch of Secularists Fundamentalists and consign them to the dustbin of history.

As for why Hindus are angry, and they are of course, read this article.


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bajrangban_gfx313HINDU TERRORISM: The Great Indian ‘Secular Conspiracy’ in full Swing.

Indian Cities are being bombed on weekly basis! Innocent Indians blown to bits every other day! Brave heart’s sacrifice questioned! Terrorists like Afzal Guru being treated as ‘Son in Law’! Prime Minion stays awake whole night for a suspected terrorists arrest in foreign soil! Prime Minion claim: ‘Muslims have the first right on Indian resources’!

More than 42 bomb blasts and the Congress and NCP governed Maharashtra State Government arrests a Sadhwi, tortures her, drug her, still if they find no clue they claim: Narco analysis yielded no result as ‘Sadhwi’ practices yoga!

Pliant media is playing ball at their political master’s behest and busy tarnishing all that is Hindu and all that is Saffron. The very same MSM which attributes ‘Jehadi’ terrorism to so call ‘alienation or /and discrimination’ is yelling at the top of their NOISE: Hindu Terrorism, Saffron Terror 24×7!


Prove in court and hang ‘SADHWI’ if you have proof!

Mean time answers you ‘secularists’; this affidavit Sadhwi filed in court. I know the main MSM and their political masters have no balls to discuss this leave alone publish, as it might offend their ‘secular vote bank’, HUH!

Read it here in full… Sadhwi’s affidavit as filed to the Nasik Court.


‘I was beaten day and night, my

chastity was questioned. I wanted

to commit suicide…’

Sadhwi Pragyan Chandrapal Singh Thakur says in her Nasik court affidavit

C.R. NO. I – 130/08
(RE-NUMBERED AS C.R. No. 1 – 18/08 at ATS)

State of Maharashtra: Complainant

Thru” ATS

Sadhwi Pragyan Singh Thakur ” Ors: Accused 


I, Sadhwi Pragyan Chandrapal Singh Thakur, Age 38 years, Occupation — Nil, residing at 7, Ganga Sagar Apartment, Katodara Road, Surat, Gujarat State do hereby state on solemn affirmation as under:

1. I say that I am a resident of Madhya Pradesh. My parents live in Surat, Gujarat where they shifted residence a couple of years ago. I say that for some years now, I found myself becoming increasingly detached from the material world and correspondingly found tremendous comfort and solace in Spiritualism. Accordingly I decided to renounce the material world and become a Sanyasin. On 30.1.2007, after performing the appropriate Hindu Religious rites and prayers I became a Sadhwi. I say that ever since then, I have been residing in a ashram at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. My life at the Ashram almost exclusively consisted of prayers, meditation, yoga and the reading of spiritual texts. At the ashram I did not watch TV channels and had practically no access to newspapers.

2. I say that apart from my activities at the ashram, I travelled chiefly around North India for the purpose of religious discourses and sermons. In connection with these latter activities, between 23.9.2008 and 4.10.2008, I was in Indore where I stayed at the residence of one Annaji who is my disciple. In the evening of 4th October, 2008, I returned to my ashram in Jabalpur. 

3. I say that on 7.10.2008, when I was at Jabalpur Ashram, I received a call from a police officer from the ATS, Maharashtra, called Mr Sawant, who wanted to know about my LML Freedom vehicle. However, I told him I had sold it long back and not concerned with it. However, he insisted me to come down to Surat as he wanted to question me at length about it. I was reluctant to go to Surat by leaving the Ashram and insisted for him to come down to Jabalpur, but he refused and told me to come down to Surat as early as possible. 

4. I further say that accordingly I travelled to Surat by train via Ujjain and arrived at Surat on 10.10.2008 early in the morning and my disciple Shri Bhimbhai Pasricha had to receive me at Railway Station and I went to his place at Atop Nagar. 

5. I say that here at about 10 AM, I met officer Mr Sawant who had apparently travelled to Surat to trace the ownership of a LML Freedom two wheeler and I questioned him as to what had happened to my vehicle and why you are asking about it. I say that I it was at this point time, Mr Sawant told me that my vehicle had been allegedly planted with the explosives and subsequently detonated in Malegaon in the last week of September. I also say that it was here for the first time, I came to know that my old vehicle had been allegedly used in Malegaon blast, which was completely shocking to me. I confirmed to Mr Sawant that the LML Freedom 2 wheeler of the colour and number, he mentioned had once belonged to me. 

6. I say that in Surat during the course of my interrogation with Mr Sawant, I mentioned to him that the LML Freedom two wheeler once owned by me was subsequently sold to one Sunil Joshi of Madhya Pradesh way back in October, 2004 and that Mr Joshi had paid me Rs 24,000/- for the same. I had also signed the necessary TT Form for RTO transfer in October, 2004 itself. I categorically asserted to Mr Sawant that since October, 2004 I had no control over the vehicle or its movements and usage.

7. I further say that in spite of my answers, Mr. Sawant repeatedly asked me how the vehicle reached Malegaon and how it came to be involved in the bomb blast on 29.9.2008. I repeatedly replied that I could not answer his questions as I had no control of the vehicle since October, 2004.

8. I also say that Mr Sawant however informed me that he did not believe me and that I would have to accompany him and his ATS team to Mumbai for further interrogation and he assured me that after such interrogation I would be free to go back to my ashram.


9. It is significant to mention that I was not formally arrested on 10.10.2008. Even though no formal summons to attend as a Witness was served upon me to make my self available for interrogation in Mumbai, and even though I was within my rights to insist that I be interrogated at the place where I reside ie Jabalpur, trusting Mr Sawant and having nothing to hide, I agreed to accompany the ATS team to Mumbai. I say Mr Sawant told me take my father along with me. However, due to his old age, I told him it was not proper take down him to Mumbai and suggested that my disciple, one Mr Bhimbhai Pasricha, in whose very residence my questioning was being done by the ATS. I further say that at 5.15 PM myself, Mr Pasricha and the ATS officer left Surat and reached Bombay on the very night of 10.10.2008. In Bombay I was taken straight away to the ATS office at Kalachowkie.

10. Thereafter for two days I was detained and interrogated by the ATS team in Mumbai. The questions were repetitive and directed at somehow involving me in the bomb blast in Malegaon on 29.9.2008. My answers remained constant throughout.

11. I further say that on 12.10.2008 the ATS changed the mode of interrogation and became extremely aggressive with me. At first they asked my said disciple Mr Bhimbhai Pasricha to beat me with sticks, belts etc, on my palms, forehands, soles, etc. When Mr Pasricha refused to do so, he was severely beaten by the ATS. Ultimately with the greatest reluctance, he complied with the ATS orders but obviously being my disciple, he exerted the very minimum of force on me. He was then pushed aside by a member of the ATS squad knows as Khanwilkar, who then himself commenced beating me severely with a belt on my hands, forearms, palms, feet, soles, causing me bruises, swelling and contusions in these areas.

12. I say that from the 13th onwards, I say that I was beaten during the day, night and midnight. On two occasions I was even woken up in the early hours of the morning at 4 am and questioned about my knowledge of the blasts. On these occasions, I was beaten by a senior officer having a moustache, whom I can identify. In addition I was subject to vulgar abuse and obscene language by members of the ATS team interrogating me. My Guru was abused and my chastity was questioned. I was physically and verbally traumatised to the extent that I wanted to commit suicide. 

13. I further say that on 14th taken out for the examination at a far away place from ATS and was brought back in the afternoon and that I day I had no meeting or even knowledge about Mr Pasricha.

14. I say that on 15th October, after noon, both myself and Mr Pasricha were taken by ATS vehicles to Hotel Rajdoot in Nagpada locality of Mumbai and were kept in Room Nos. 315 and 314 respectively and we were made to sign the Hotel Entry register, however, we did not pay or deposit any money with the hotel manager, which was done by the ATS. 

15. I say that after putting into this hotel I was asked to make phone calls from mobile No. 94066 00004 and from one more mobile instrument not belonging to me to speak couple of persons including one of my female disciple and I was asked to say that I was in a hotel in Mumbai and hale ” hearty and was doing fine. I say that at that time, I did not know why I was made to say so. I would reveal the name of my female disciple at an appropriate time. 

16. I say that as a result of the custodial violence/torture, mental stress, anxiety that were developed in the process, I was subjected to, I developed acute abdominal and kidney pains. I lost my appetite, became nauseous and giddy and prone to having bouts of unconsciousness. In view of this, within few hours after putting in Rajdoot Hospital, I was removed from the ATS office and was taken a hospital which learnt it to be Shusrusha Hospital wherein I was kept in ICU. I say that within half an hour Mr Bhimbhai Pasricha came down to Shushrusha Hospital with some ATS men and my Hospital admission forms, and other medical examination forms, etc were signed by him. I say that Mr Khanwilkar deposited money to the hospital management for me, which I learnt from Mr Bhimbhai. I say that after some time Mr Pasricha left the Hospital along with the ATS men and thereafter I have no contact with of any nature. 

17. I say that I underwent a treatment over here for 3 to 4 days. I say that as my condition did not improve, I was taken to another hospital whose name I cannot recall. This hospital consisted of a high rise building where I was treated for 2 to 3 days. I say that no female police constable was by my side either in Hotel Rajdoot or in either of the two hospitals.

18. I say that both at the hotel and the hospitals, I was carried on a stretcher and my face was always covered with a black hood to avoid my face from being seen. From the second hospital, I was brought back to the ATS office at Kalachowkie.

19. I say that I was finally arrested on 23.10.2008 and produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Nasik on 24.1.2008. I was remanded to police custody on that date till 3.11.2008. Up to the 24.10.2008 and even sometime thereafter, I was denied access to a Lawyer or any member of my family. A polygraph test was conducted on me while I was in illegal detention prior to 23.10.2008. Thereafter a second polygraph test was conducted on 01.11.2008. On 04.11.2008, after I was remanded to Judicial custody on being presented before Nasik court on 03.11.2008, I also say that a Narco analysis test was also conducted on me.

20. I say that both the lie detector test as well as the Narco analysis test were conducted with out my consent. Never the less all these investigative tests have only established my innocence in the Malegaon bomb blast that took place on 29.9.2008. I finally was allowed to meet my sister Mrs Parthibha Bhagwan Jha on the evening of 02.11.2008, who had brought vakalatnamas of Advocate Ganesh Sovani who was engaged by my sister and her husband Mr Bhagwan Jha and had met him couple times in that week. This meeting was not conducted in private since members of the ATS stood within hearing distance of my sister and myself. I met my Advocate Ganesh Sovani for the first time in the court room of this Hon”ble Court very briefly for 4 to 5 minutes prior to the arguments commencing on my remand application on 03.11.2008. 

21. I say that this period of 4 to 5 minutes was too short for me to give complete instructions as to what had transpired from 10th October onwards, about my vehicle, my stay at Kalachowkie, my illegal detention, the ill-treatment mitigated to me by ATS men, the beating job that was forced on my disciple to beat me, but which he carried out reluctantly, without any force, etc. I say that for this reasons, all the details had not reflected in the hand written application that was placed on record by my advocate Mr Sovani, for paucity of time to give all these instructions. 

22. I say that on the evening of Wednesday 12.11.2008, I was allowed to meet my Advocate Ganesh Sovani for about 5-6 minutes again in the presence of female staff of Byculla jail. I say that again on 13.11.2008 I was allowed to talk to my said lawyer for 8-10 minutes to give him some more details. Thereafter, on Friday 14.11.2008 evening at about 04.30 PM, I was given nearly 20 minutes to talk to my said lawyer at length, and it was during this period I could narrate my entire ordeal with the ATS which is reproduced hereinabove.

23. I unambiguously state that I am totally innocent of any offence whatsoever. In particular I have no connection with the Malegaon bomb blast of 29.9.2008. While my former ownership of LML Freedom 2 wheeler, which was allegedly used in the Malegaon bomb blast entitled the ATS to interrogate me, that agency was not entitled to subject me to the treatment mentioned hereinabove. Their conduct discloses a blatant violation of statutory provisions of law, custodial abuse and violence, mental and physical torture and prolonged illegal detention. The ATS are fully aware that I am innocent. It appears however that they have a mandate from their political superiors to necessarily implicate me with Malegaon blasts with a view to suggest that Hindu Religious extremists were resorting to terrorism. The prolonged illegal detention, custodial abuse and physical torture were designed to compel me to confess to crimes I had not committed. This attempt of false implication persisted for the entire period between 10.10.2008 and 02.11.2008 . During this entire period I was deliberately isolated from my family and denied access to Lawyers. I say that no arrest panchanama was done after my arrest on 23.10.2008 and I was never asked about the names, addresses and telephone / mobile Nos. details to whom I would like to convey my arrest. I say that attention from my illegal detention was sought to be diverted by the ATS by daily leaking information regarding my involvement which was manifestly false and only indicated the malafide nature of the investigation. .

24. I say that While I was thus painted as a sinister mastermind of the Malegaon blasts, a role which has now been subtly reassigned by the ATS to Lt Col Purohit — crippled and vulnerable as I was by the detention, abuse and torture, I could not protest my innocence. Nor was I allowed access to family, friends and Lawyers who could have done so.

25. I say that it is necessary that a detailed enquiry of my illegal detention, custodial torture, etc needs to be done and for which I am ready and willing to get subjected to any such medical test or tests and I also want the ATS officers, who interrogated me, tortured me, etc should also be put to the same tests. 

26. I say that the ATS has caused blatant violations of my human rights and I should get a justice and they need to be adequately dealt with as per the provisions of law. 

27. In the circumstances I now pray for the following relief:

a) that the ATS be directed to submit an explanation for my detention without authority of law between 10.10.2008 and 23.10.2008;

b). that enquiry/investigati on be conducted into my accusation made hereinabove on oath, regarding custodial torture/violence and mental and psychological abuse;

c). that such investigation as referred to in (b) above, include a polygraph test, as well as Narco analysis on me to determine the veracity of my accusations;

d). that such investigation to include a polygraph test and narco analysis on officers of the ATS named by me, and also of those officers whose names, I do not know, but I can identify, for they subjecting me to mental and physical abuse during custody as well as others to be identified by me;

e) that a report be called for from the ATS for the reasons of my admission in two hospitals ( Shusrusha an another) and the medical treatment undergone by me at the said two hospitals;

f) The ATS be directed to disclose the reasons for my stay at Hotel Rajdoot at Mumbai.;

g) For such further and other reliefs as may be fit and proper in the facts and circumstances of the case.

Filed in court on 17.11.2008
Contents Explained to the 
Deponent in Hindi ” 
Confirmed with Deponent. 

Identified by me:

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