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Ram Janam Bhumi (RJB) Verdict:  Celebration of ‘Triumph of Santana Hindu Dharma’.  Part I

Jai Shri Ram

Jai Shri Ram

Jai Shri Ram.

It has now been more than 10 days since the Lucknow bench of Allahabad high court pronounced its long overdue verdict on Ram Janam Bhumi / disputed structure dispute. As had been busy with work could not share ‘Jubilation’ with you all here – though on Tweet did share and congratulate all.

By now, since the verdict thousands of articles have been written by almost every kind of expert we have in this country of ours. Broadly speaking three aspects of verdict has been debated/argued/commented upon. 1. Legal 2. Political and 3. Secular.

Very much like:

“Ja Ke Man Mein Bhavana Jaise ; Prabu Moorat Tin Dekhi Taise”.

As for Legal and Political aspect of this judgment is concerned: it is more or less uniformly hailed; but by ‘Secular Jehadis’.  They are a crass class of their own and I am not going to waste my energies on them – at least not in this post which I have decided to dedicate to ‘Triumph of my Faith in Santana Hindu Dharma’.

I know my favorite Barkha Didi would be mighty angry with me for celebrating ‘Triumph of My Faith in Sanatan Hindu Dharma’ as she has been ‘assiduously’ asking us to refrain from. But then Barkha Didi had always been angry with me– so damn I care if this post makes her angrier.

As many of my readers know that you’re truly has unshakable faith and confidence in Ram and Sanatan Hindu Dharama and have never ever doubted it even for a sec. NOT even when the Honorable HC had not delivered the verdict yet and the whole Nation was anxiously and nervously waiting for the judgment. I had not even an iota of doubt and knew that ultimately ‘Truth will Triumph’ and so it did.

Lest I am accused of being ‘boosting’ post verdict or as people say ‘everyone is wiser on hindsight’ let me take u back to the journey of my faith and some prophecies made en route prior to judgment. Lest you call me arrogant, pompous let me assure you I am neither. My only intention is to chronicle my tweets for you which demonstrate my ‘Faith and Believe’ in the Santana Hindu Dharma and Lord Shri Ram… as millions of Hindus all over the World too have.

During those three days of September (28th,29th and 30th ) 2010. Not only Hindus but possibly the entire World was anxious and nervous about the Verdict and possible fallout of that, so was I. Indeed had ‘faith and belief’ in Lord Ram but was equally apprehensive about the ‘Secular Mischief’ too.

Rearranging Tweets for readers to make a coherent read and get to make sense of… each Tweet  can be verfifed by date, timeline and reference. All links are posted.

Date: September 28th,2010

Ref: SC rejected plea on deferment of pronouncement of verdict by Lucknow bench of HC.

This evening had been relieved somewhat since SC had rejected the plea of ‘Status Quoits’ and asked the HC to pronounce judgment.

My affirmation of faith in Lord Ram and commitment to abide by verdict.

I request self and all friends to have faith in Lord Ram. Cause ‘Hoi Hai Wahi Jo Ram Rachi Rakha..’ Sataya Ki Jeet Ho Or Hogi. Tuesday, September 28, 2010 8:48:48 PM via TweetDeck

Let me share with u all. I m 4 all respect to Judicial verdict . In case goes against US will go higher, but no power on this Earth can … Tuesday, September 28, 2010 8:44:04 PM via TweetDeck

… seperate Ram Lala from his birthplace and that is destined. Period. Tuesday, September 28, 2010 8:44:51 PM via TweetDeck

Bhajan I like Most

Rome Nahin Ram Kaho, Ram Bastey Hai Rom Rom Mein.Jai Shri Ram. http://bit.ly/aFKpRC Tuesday, September 28, 2010 7:52:05 PM via Vodpod

I know the CON party well.

Con party not long ago demanded Birth certificate of Lord Ram. Sic! Can one CON men/women produce Birth Certificate of Moti Lal’s Father? Tuesday, September 28, 2010 7:58:06 PM via TweetDeck

I do not trust ‘Sec-Soc’ Left Liberal Secular media.Forwarn all about MSM’s role.

Nervousness of ‘Secular’ class about Ayodhaya Issue Judgment. is evident. They are the ones who distrust Courts MOST if it goes against them Tuesday, September 28, 2010 7:42:38 PM via TweetDeck

Friends keep a watch on MSM, they are mischief mongers and they benefit most if Communal flagellation happens they get tPadamshrirs and TRPs Tuesday, September 28, 2010 8:17:09 PM via TweetDeck

Once again I forewarn u all here, Media wants a RIOT as this bags them PADAMSHRIS and TRPs, better we AVOID THEM PLEASE. Tuesday, September 28, 2010 9:04:52 PM via TweetDeck

Date: September 29th, 2010.

Re: All type of speculation is on, nervousness is palpable in Media, Blogs, Tweets everywhere…

My good Friend Sandeep rightly says and I agree…

Agree. RT @SandeepWeb: If Hindus fail to build the temple there, they should stop worshipping Rama. Rama didn’t stand for meekness. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 11:02:23 AM via TweetDeck

I hope and pray for ‘Truth to Triumph’.

Satya Ki Vijay Ho Kal, Nyay Yahi Hai. Mitroon Hogi Vijay Satya Ki Mera Vishhwass Ram Hain or Ram Satya Hain. Satyemev Jayeta. Jai Shri Ram . Wednesday, September 29, 2010 8:56:25 PM via TweetDeck

Speculation is on,  MSM knew it was 2:1 and in favor of Muslims but my judgment was in favor of Ram… see this.

The prevailing nervousness in Media and CON party indicate they have some info certainly that verdict is in favor of Hindus. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 6:50:01 PM via TweetDeck

Once again forewarned about MSM should verdict is in favor of lord Ram.

Once again I request all here to keep a watch on MSM tomorrow. I have an uneasy feeling ‘they’ might stoke fores should Verdict favors Ram. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 7:12:00 PM via TweetDeck

Since has been keeping a focused eye on ‘Sec-Soc’ Media so do make some prophecies.

Post verdict i am more scarred of Media Maharathis than either Hindus or Muslims. MSM can manufacture ‘grievances’ even if none exists. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 11:44:09 AM via TweetDeck

hahahaha! Joke of Year RT @sagarikaghose: No Ayodhya discussions or polemic on CNN IBN. We don’t believe in raising temperatures for TRPs. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 12:26:10 PM via TweetDeck

@sagarikaghose Well that is good thing, in any case many of us would be keeping a sharp vigil on Media. promise You this. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 12:32:33 PM via TweetDeck in reply to sagarikaghose

I do not trust Media at all- even if they sit bare buttock on red hot Iron plate and claim they are telling truth. Period. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 7:16:24 PM via TweetDeck

A fellow Tweeter Friend is apprehensive of ‘Communal Tensions’ I reassure her…

@raggedtag Nothing like that will happen if and IF ALONE Media shut their mouth for few days. Rest Assured. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 12:27:36 PM via TweetDeck in reply to raggedtag

Date: September 30th, 2010.

Re:  The Judgment day.

I slept comfortably woke up at usual time and decided to skip my morning walk and logged on to Tweeter.

Jai Shri Ram. Shubh Prabhat Shubh Manglam. Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:36:33 AM via TweetDeck

See some many Tweeter Friends on line…

@iBeingMe Oh Ok! I missed my morning walk today to scan what all is happening just before the Judgment. Today is going to b watershed day. Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:42:20 AM via TweetDeck in reply to iBeingMe

@Bhaskarchat This worries me most, “the tone and tenor of card-carrying secularists will determine the negativity of the Hindu response.” Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:44:36 AM via TweetDeck in reply to Bhaskarchat

🙂 RT @barbarindian: What? No secular media person threatening to leave India or convert if verdict is in favor of communal ppl? Thursday, September 30, 2010 6:55:54 AM via TweetDeck

Morning by now all 24X7 Nuisance Channels were busy preaching Gyan on how everyone should respect court verdict –  MSM by now believed verdict was going to be in favor of Muslims so everyone was so ‘self righteous’ and grinning .

Just about every TV channel is preaching calm as if the Nation would ho up in flames the moment verdict is announced! WTF? Thursday, September 30, 2010 11:13:45 AM via TweetDeck

But I am not agreeing to MSM I reiterate that verdict will be in favor of Lord Ram. My Tweet

BTW MSM’s overdrive to preach Calm reenforces my assumption that Verdict is going to b in favor of Lord Ram. #Jai Shri Ram. Thursday, September 30, 2010 11:20:48 AM via TweetDeck

@sharmarohitraj Verdict will b appealed in SC by one or another, Second: u guess Media Buzz wrong, verdict would be in favor of Ram. My Exp. Thursday, September 30, 2010 12:47:08 PM via TweetDeck in reply to sharmarohitraj

I take a dig on Barkha Didi.

real fun would start when Drama Queen apears on Undie Tv after verdict, funnier would she b if Ram wins. 🙂 Thursday, September 30, 2010 11:32:35 AM via TweetDeck

Nervousness is palpable on Tweets I urge

I Too Urge all . RT @pawandurani: Lots of rumors : PLEASE dont BELIEVE or TWEET anything without a credible source #Ayodhya Thursday, September 30, 2010 1:59:25 PM via TweetDeck

I do not trust Media, my advice.

BEWARE OF ‘Perfidious Media Goebbels’. Keep your Children Away from TV sets. I Do Not Trust Media At All. Thursday, September 30, 2010 1:12:20 PM via TweetDeck

I am confident but nervous too. I tweet

My estimate is: Verdict will b know to us all by around 5 PM as media ‘rightfully’ is not allowed inside HC Premises. AJM or some will brief Thursday, September 30, 2010 2:01:59 PM via TweetDeck

I would b a LIER if I say I m not Nervous, I M it is a test case for if at all “Satyameva Jayete” or not. See U all here at 4 PM. Thursday, September 30, 2010 2:04:06 PM via TweetDeck

I Log off and go to my Peer’s place. As we watch verdict being reported on TV we get things confirmed from MUCH MUCH more reliable sources than these 24X7 Nuisance Channels.

My ‘Faith and Believe’ in Lord Shri Ram is vindicated and I am Jubilant. It is ‘Triump of my Faith in Sanatan Hindu Dharma’. Jai Shri Ram. I tweet.

Sabhi Ram Bhaktoon Ko Hardik Badahi. I knew it and said all along that RAM will win and he did. #Jai Shri Ram. Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:34:13 PM via TweetDeck

By now ‘Secular Breast beating’ has started on 24X7 Nuisance Channels. All Usual Suspects are wailing in ‘chorus’.

I ask them…

For Ram’s sake will MSM stop refering it as ‘Babri Masjid’? Please. Dispute is settled by Judiciary that It was and Is ‘Ram JanamSthan’. Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:56:57 PM via TweetDeck

Above is just to put things on record for posterity to judge. In second part will dwell on my understanding of the verdict and the logical conclusion it should reach to. I am midway of finishing that post shall post that soon.

Ram willing we shall see in our own life time ‘The Grand Ram Temple’ – befitting the Lord Ram- at the place which he blessed by taking birth on.

Jai Shri Ram.

Ram Bhakat PI.


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ram.jpgAmong many bloggers I admire, Seriously Sandeep stands out tallest. I have been following his writings for a long time now and really admire his analytical skills, knowledge and in depth commentaries.

Here in the following ‘Brilliant’ piece he has ‘ripped apart’ this article as published in the “Secular, Liberal and Progressive” Outlook.

As Sandeep says “…But let’s see how this article–seemingly neutral in tone–actually perpetuates that hatred using familiar methods: truth by repeated assertion of lies, quoting out of context, quoting questionable sources…”.

A Must Read for all.

Kudos to Sandeep…

Warm Regards,


Stop Torturing Ram.

In an article that examines some of the recent happenings around the Sethusamudram project, Outlook fleshes out interesting findings worth exploring in detail. The focus of the article is on Karunanidhi’s angry articulations on Lord Rama. (Aside: I think it’s time the K in DMK is changed to Karunanidhi.)

It is understandable that, as the article says, the DMK right from “Periyar” hates Lord Rama–the hatred forms one of the prominent pillars of their political edifice. Ironically, “Periyar’s” real name has Rama in it. But let’s see how this article–seemingly neutral in tone–actually perpetuates that hatred using familiar methods: truth by repeated assertion of lies, quoting out of context, quoting questionable sources, etc. It says:

The Tamil Nadu countryside is exposed to folk forms that celebrate Ravana as a hero and Rama as the villain who treated women unfairly.

It is interesting to note that not one folk form is named. For example, Yakshagana/Vesha in Karnataka performs popular themes like Draupadi’s humiliation at the hands of the Kauravas, the story of Nala and Damayanti, Krishna’s childhood exploits, and so on. In an article that explores say, the conception of Nala in folk forms, I’d naturally mention Yakshagana/Vesha even if I didn’t mention any other folk form.

The article also quotes a certain Geetha to scout for examples that it says explains Karunanidhi’s dementia statements.

[Dravidian movement] felt the Ramayan exemplified all the ills of what they considered northern—Brahminical Aryan culture. The beheading of Tadaka, the killing of Shambuka, the banishing of Sita etc were considered instances of Aryan racism and barbarity.”

So why doesn’t Outlook scout for examples from the other side and mention Rama’s devotion to his parents, his Kingly qualities, his role as a monogamous husband in an age where polygamy was the norm, etc. If Rama beheaded Shambuka only because he was a Shudra (sic), why don’t the Dravidian champs mention Guha or Shabari who hailed from lower castes?

More blunders follow.

But Geetha says that what should be borne in mind is that Rama is not such an emotive issue in the south. For instance, Ramlalla, the deity of the child Ram, which was smuggled in and installed at the disputed site in Ayodhya, does not strike a chord in these parts.

And on what basis does this Geetha-whoisshe–say this? Like most in the Indian media, the “South” begins and ends with Tamil Nadu. So what then explains the overwhelming throngs at Bhadrachalam hailed as the Ayodhya of the South? What explains the spiritual significance assigned to the surroundings of Hampi, which is believed to be a camping place of Rama in his quest to rescue Sita? What also explains the fact that most of Thyagaraja’s Krithis are in praise of Lord Rama? Geetha takes a selective instance of Ramlalla to slam her half-baked theory down our throats. Rama remains to be part of the collective consciousness of millions of Hindus all over India. Time and place have merely altered symbolic significance but Rama is worshipped and revered the same way transcending differences of time and place. Let’s go to Indonesia, which houses several depictions of Rama and Ramayana. Can we simply say that because Ramlalla is unknown there, Rama ceases to be significant or an “emotive issue” there?

And then the article indulges in a bit of obfuscation via word play.

In a historical sense, Rama has not been as important as some other gods in the Hindu pantheon. He has, for example, never been a guardian deity of dynasties.

So who defines this “historical sense?” And what are the other important Gods in the Hindu pantheon? All Hindus believe in the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu and there’s nothing like a “lesser” avatar. In fact, contrary to what this Outlook eminence says, the Ramayana has a tale where Rama defeats the Kshatriya-vanquishing Brahmin Parashurama, the sixth avatar. What’s interesting is that the article completely fails to mention that Ramanavami (to celebrate Rama’s birthday) is one of the major festivals in South India. Because he’s not a guardian deity of dynasties doesn’t automatically mean his importance is less. Every Hindu knows that specific Gods are invoked for specific purposes–Hanuman for strength, Durga/Kali for courage, and so on.

The questionable quoting continues

There are much fewer Ram temples than Shiva temples in TN, and even in Kerala.Rama’s rather unhappy tale is one reason for this, points out Dr A.R.Venkatachalapathy of the Madras Institute of Development Studies. “The popular belief is that worshipping Rama will bring grief—he was banished, his wife was abducted, his children were born in the forest.”

So what are Venkatachalapathy’s credentials as a scholar on Rama? And where’s the evidence for the said “popular belief?” On the other hand, the popular belief is worshipping Rama inculcates ideals worth following–devotion to wife and family, constancy in truth, virtuousness, and fighting for a lady’s honour. Logically, the fact that there are few temples in Tamil Nadu doesn’t prove that Rama is not popular there. This article shows otherwise. What’s also amazing is this article fails to mention Karnataka and Andhra where you have an abundance of Rama temples. The amazement is understandable because it doesn’t fit into Outlook’s theory.

And more logical goof-ups.

In fact in Tamil Nadu, Diwali—or Deepavali—is celebrated in memory of Krishna’s victory over Narakasura.

Again, South India=Tamil Nadu. And Naraka Chaturdashi (one of the festivals during the 3-day long Deepavali) is celebrated in Karnataka as well. For Rama, we have Ramanavami.

The article now examines the “literary” side of the story. It cites the Kambam as saying that

Many Tamils who know the Ramayana know it through its Tamil version, the Kamba Ramayanam. In it, Ravana is highly venerated as a Vedic scholar, a connoisseur of music, a warrior—as an epitome of everything moral. In short, Ravana is a tragic hero, not villain.

Valmiki’s Ravana is more or less similar in character. Ravana is in fact described as one of the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva. The amazing Shiva Tandava stotra attributed to Ravana is a stellar work of rhyme and wordplay. However, that doesn’t make him “tragic hero” much less a moral person because he lusted after another man’s wife. Perhaps Outlook’s definition of morality excludes this. The selfsame Kamban

…who, again, is not a Brahmin and is a grand scholar of Sanskrit and an unabashed admirer of Valmiki,establishes that, for his bhaktas, Rama is the One who is the origin of all. This, it must be remembered, is a sure departure from Valmiki, for whom Rama was only a Maryada Purushottam.

The questionable quoting continues unabated.

Ravi Kumar, an MLA of the Dalit Panthers of India,…. “Tamil Nadu has no popular tradition of Ram worship. In villages, they worship local deities…only recently have Hanuman statues sprung up—along the highways. But they have no cultural roots,” he says.

So we have a Ravi Kumar now, added to the galaxy of Rama scholars. Offered without comment.

But Outlook reserves the best for the last.

Interestingly, the average Brahmin Outlook contacted is not as affronted by Karunanidhi’s remarks as his brethren in the rest of the country. For him, his own spin ritualistic worship of Rama and the DMK’s atheist approach have coexisted—for decades together.

Outlook’s wretchedness is in full force here. So Rama is now reduced to being merely a “Brahmin” God. While we’re at it, Outlook can also give us a partial list of the “average” Brahmins it has contacted. What’s interesting is how Outlook spins the DMK’s naked hatred as “atheist approach.” The Hindus haven’t really coexisted–they’ve been forced to accept state-backed bullying. Those who didn’t have migrated. And it is no coincidence that the overwhelming migrators have been Brahmins.

In the end, I can only be amazed at the tizzy over Rama/Ramayana in public discourse. Rama-haters claim that he was wicked, etc because he killed Shambuka, etc. In the same breath, they claim that Ramayana is fiction, Rama didn’t exist, etc. They used this to prove that Ayodhya as Rama’s birthplace holds no water. More currently, they’re using similar tactics to support the destruction of Ram Sethu. If Ramayana is plain fiction, why the fuss about why Ram killed Shambuka or people of “lower castes?” Why dig up non-existent “facts” about how the “Aryan” Rama conquered the “Dravidian” South?

It is a story after all.

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