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Reluctant admission of guilt is not ‘Redemption’

Reluctant admission of guilt is not ‘Redemption’

Suppose one commits a crime. Before He/She commits he/she is warned. Nevertheless He/She goes ahead and commits that crime he/she is warned against. He/She is caught and brought before the Court. Court finds Him/Her guilty of committing the Crime despite warning. Court sentences Him/Her to Jail. He/She has no other choice but to accept the Guilt. Or do they?

Will it be His/Her Redemption?  Sure I am that your answer would be capital NO.

But then if you are ‘Chamcha In Chief of CON party and work in a CON party Rag Called ‘The Hindustan Times’ then you suspend all logic and try give it a spin and try prove that He/She is statesman/woman since accepts guilt.

What I am talking about is this article Written by Chamcha In Chief’ Pankaj Vohra of HT in today’s paper. Come lets us see what he has to offer. My comments in Communal Saffron Color 🙂

PM redeems his image.

Pankaj Vohra, Political Editor HT.

By accepting responsibility for the decision to appoint PJ Thomas as the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) following the apex court’s ruling that the  appointment was illegal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has exhibited statesmanship of the highest order. In doing so, he has sent out a strong signal that if a mistake is made, it is best to admit it rather than hide behind bureaucratic notings. The PM has finally shown that the buck stops with him and that he, like any other citizen, had no hesitation in accepting the verdict of the highest court.

(Reading above gives you an impression that MMS has done Supreme Court and Indians a great favor by accepting the Supreme Court Verdict as if he had a Choice of not accepting it! As for STATESMANSHIP! WTF! Is he not duty bound to accept/respect Apex Court Order? As for hiding behind he would have surely done that, if he had even a smallest of excuse. We all know him quite well by now. Huh!)

Equally commendable is the immediate response from the leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, the shadow prime minister, that the matter should be closed and one must move on. Swaraj was also on the panel to appoint Thomas though she disagreed with both the prime minister and the home minister on the choice of the nominee. Her counterpart in the Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, though wants some clarifications on the issue. Given the prime minister’s candid admission, the matter could blow over in Parliament.

(That was stupid of Sushama saying pre maturely. She should have waited for MMS to speak in Lok Sabha first. Majority view is reflected by Arun Jaitley)

However, the appointment has several lessons for the ruling party. In future, there should be proper scrutiny of every person nominated for a sensitive position, particularly the offices that directly deal with corruption. Singh’s admission of his mistake and his subsequent comment that the appointment was not a result of coalition compulsions indicate that Thomas was shortlisted by elements within his own party.

(Quite interestingly today’s HT carries this article by Ashok Malik titled ‘A Curious Choice’ Must Read 🙂 )

Singh, who was in the eye of a storm after expressing helplessness in dealing with some corruption issues at a press conference last month, has redeemed his image with this. (How he has redeemed? What is choice but then not to accept it? Redeemed he would have, had he accepted it before SC called his action as ‘Illegal’. Pankaj is it this hard to understand? ) He is also perhaps the first PM to accept a mistake upfront. (NOW name one Prime Minister whose actions/appointment was held ‘ILLEGAL’ prior to this?) He has tried to scotch speculation that since many decisions were taken elsewhere, his government could not be held accountable. He has shown that if there is a decision taken, even if at the behest of those in the party, the government will not shirk its responsibility for any error of judgement (Error of Judgment???) that it may make. It’s also an indication to the party that it shouldn’t push for issues or cases which may not stand up to judicial scrutiny. (Indirectly he means that now on CON party should be careful on procedures even if they appoint another Tainted one!)

The apex court has come out with flying colours by upholding the rule of law. In that context, the quashing of Thomas’s appointment must be seen as a victory for democracy rather than as a defeat for the government or a triumph for the opposition parties. There are certain issues where individual parties take secondary place since it’s democracy and our values which emerge stronger. (Supreme Court has done its duty and very well too. Kudos!)

Singh’s action also proves that had PV Narasimha Rao accepted his responsibility for the demolition of the Babri masjid, the plight of his party wouldn’t have been so dismal in the years that followed his exit from government. Mulayam Singh Yadav, by dissociating himself from Kalyan Singh after the 2009 parliamentary polls, also accepted his mistake in not putting his Samajwadi Party on a secular course. (What is relevance? But then dragging PVNR in everything and blackening Him is CON practice. Sic!) Similarly, Sonia Gandhi overturned the Congress thesis of going it alone in August 2003 to forge a coalition, which finally came to power in 2004. She realised that going it alone at that stage was a mistake and that the Congress had to reinvent itself in the coalition era. Her judgement yielded many political dividends for the party. (Pure political opportunism as is clear to all and any but to Chamcha In Chief, Pankaj Vohara.)

Politicians should not always have colossal egos. They must own up to their mistakes. They are not gods and should act with humility. While there could be many question marks regarding the future of the present government in view of several scams, it is heartening to note that the PM has realised that he is the last port of call. Between us.

Now that was Pankaj Vohra for you. Now why did ManMohan Singh appoint P J Thomas despite objections from LOP and subsequent ‘quashing’ of appointment by Supreme Court? An excerpt from Aashok Malik’s this post ‘A Curious Choice’ might interest you.

Of course, the issue of principle is linked to that of personality. In arguing its case, the UPA government cited a precedent from 1999, when a committee comprising the then PM and home minister (both BJP), Lok Sabha speaker (Telugu Desam) and leaders of the Opposition in the two Houses of Parliament (both Congress) chose the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission. The Congress representatives proposed Justice AH Ahmadi. They were outvoted by the others, who opted for Justice JS Verma.

In invoking this example, the UPA made its point about unanimity being ideal but not mandatory. Even so, it let slip a decidedly clumsy comparison. Ahmadi has had a mixed record since leaving the Supreme Court. He was controversial as chair of the trust governing the Bhopal Memorial Hospital set up by Union Carbide for victims of the 1984 gas leak. It has been alleged that patients at the hospital — survivors of the gas leak — were subjected to drug trials by pharmaceutical companies without their consent. This would make Ahmadi an odd choice for any sort of human rights capacity. In contrast, Verma is cherished as among India’s finest jurists. As with Thomas, why did the Congress believe Justice Ahmadi was more suitable than anyone else? The answer would be fascinating.

Prudent Indian.


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'Naveen Cow and Calf' i.e Congress

'Naveen Cow and Calf' i.e Congress

Foreword: ‘Cow and Calf’ had been Congress party’s symbol before the open Palm symbol. This blog thinks that more than ever it in the current situation that the above pic – as new symbol –  is truly and most accurately representative of Congress. Last time it was Indira and Sanjay, now it is Balidaan Moorti Ma and Crowned Prince.   🙂

Lok Sabha polls 2009, Then three important states Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh delivers verdict in favor of  the Holy Cow and Calf led family firm called ‘Congress’. Kudos!

Now I am not going to dissect the election results for two reasons. One: it is for the political parties especially the opposition to ponder TWO: elections are over and it is the moment of truth and truth is: opposition failed miserably.

Well, in a democratic setup –how so ever flawed it may be- ‘Statistics’ matters and ‘statistics’ are clearly in favor of ‘Cow and Calf’. Period.

No arguments, no discussions, no debates, no grudges. ‘Calf and Cow’ are here and they are here to stay it is the ultimate truth.  It is the emergence of ‘Naveen Cow and Calf’ Congress party.  Bear it or F*** off.

“Naveen” in Hindi means ‘New’ so I call it ‘Naveen’ Congress. 🙂

BTW, this Naveen too has been pretty lucky for the ‘Cow and Calf’  ever since he was appointed CEC despite strong protest by almost entire opposition parties … Am I suggesting some thing? Uummmmmmhhhh…what you think?

If at all we had any hope of seeing any alternative formation challenging the ‘Cow and Calf’ led ‘Syndicate’ (including Media, NGOs, CBI, and Intellectual Masturbate-rs  of several hues) in the form of BJP! Then we were grossly wrong.

BJP these days has only one opposition to fight against and that is: BJP alone; no body else. They are busy among themselves and if – and BIG ‘IF’- at all they sort their issues they might think of some real issues concerning people too, yes they might, just. So far with leader like Party President Rajnath at the helm of affairs- it seems impossible.

May be it is time for like minded bloggers to revise their support for BJP and find a political party which endorses the ‘Right and Righteous Path of Governance’ and challenge the ‘syndicate’ of ‘Cow and Calf’ admirers. Till then, we (vigilant bloggers though the Media Queen Ms. Barkha Dutt Hates us so much) should take command in our own hands and keep a strict vigil on the ‘syndicate’ and keep exposing them for what they are: pack of  mere time servers, sycophants,  swindlers, looters.

NOW, more than the victory of ‘Cow and Calf’ – which is only ‘Statistical win’– it is the sorry state of BJP in particular and any ‘ideological opposition’ in general which the real cause of worry is.

Ominous signs for what future we, as a Nation are heading for!

The President: Normally some one who inspires.

But we are not living in normal times Sigh! Here is ‘You’re President’.

Prime Minister: Most important man in whose hand is the destiny of Nation in normal times got to have a standing of his/her own and will/command/mandate and character to lead the Nation through.

But all the above is for ‘Normal’ times yeah! We have ‘Dr. Economist Mr. Clean’ Prime Minister Minion! All other qualities or qualifications apart he is PM for only because he is the least threatening to the Holy ‘Cow and her Calf’.

Council of Ministers: Collective responsibility and collective wisdom was what the constitution framers had in mind for ‘Normal’ system of Governance.

Above is expected, but for ‘Normal’ time, which sure we are not living in. “Collective Loot”, “Individual Sycophancy to ‘Holy Cow and Calf’” and “Self Promotion” is the buzz now.

Effective and strong “Opposition” to keep a check on the Ruling party and its policies is as important as Governance in any democracy, but then that too is for ‘Normal’ times. Isn’t it?

But then, on this front too all we see is: petty local ‘regional chieftains’ whose vision does not go beyond their nose and whose only purpose is to demand their share of loot. Only two ‘Ideological’ formations like BJP and Communists who ‘claim’ to have an ‘alternate’ system of governance are in disarray and there are no visible signs of their timely and effective recovery, they might go further down the pit they find selves in. Certainly not these are ‘normal’ times!

Unless we now choose to redefine: what ‘normal times’ are.

In a vibrant and health democracy MEDIA is expected to be a watch dog, again only in ‘Normal times’ it is expected that MSM uncovers truth, dig out scams, educate people and bring issues to fore. Normal times Huh!

With MSM now part of ‘Conspiracy’ and fully in service of ‘Holy Cow and Calf’ only because – according to ‘Media Sultan Rajdeep’ Journalist Mange More – they have to keep running their ‘Shops’ euphemistically called “Media Houses”, they are now days indistinguishable from the charlatans of ‘Cow and Calf’ brigade.

Judiciary is the last refuge of a ‘wronged’ person to solicit justice. Normally and rightly it is expected from the courts to deliver justice- on time and in full. But in, ‘Normal Times’, You See!

Now I am not commenting on respected Judiciary any which way. I am ‘mortally’ scared of Judiciary which at times has shown to be ever on very short fuse– but a CertainVerbal Terrorist’ does get away with lambasting the SC after NBA verdict. I am too humble a Blogger to invite Judiciary’s “attention” any which way. But then CJI’s reluctance here did not inspire confidence in many at least, isn’t it?

Now let us see where ‘We the People’ of “Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic of India” – a thousands of years old Civilization with ONE BILLION people – stand. Normally it is our collective duty to elect true representative of ours and held him/her accountable and change when he/she does not perform. Normal Expectation of Course!

But then, voting day is a day to relax with kids and friends. If voting day extends your weekend then WOW! Decide which country side or near by vacation spot family choose to go to, then take out your car and drive off. If at all you choose to go to vote: then consider who is from your cast, or choose because he/she sent you cheap liquor ‘quarter’, or did he deliver 500/= Rs. Note on time, or choose because of any other sundry consideration BUT CERTAINLY NOT for his/her commitment towards people, certainly not for his/her achievements, certainly not for his/her programmes, certainly not for what his/her vision is.

Do we still have a right to crib? Do we still have any reason to complain?

Certainly Not. We deserve the Government we elect.

High time Voting is made Constitutionally Compulsory Duty of Every Citizen.

Now for sure I am convinced that we are living in Ram Rajyaa.

How, you ask? Well let me explain: with all the above what you have read i.e.: No body is doing the job he/she supposed to do, yet we are, do you not wonder we still are One Nation and alive!!!!

Every thing is Ram Bhrose. Only God knows how a Billion strong Nation still exists, otherwise successive governments (Mostly ‘Cow and Calf’ syndicate for the longest period ever since Independence) left no stone unturned to wipe it off from the Globe – at least as one strong coherent political Nation.

God Bless My Country. God Bless Bharat! Amen!


PS: BTW, this blog has crossed 100,000 hits thanks to you all readers/friends. Though, this blog has achieved, a very small milestone,  yet time for me to celebrate. Cheers! 🙂

Thanks to you all once more.


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PI (in white shirt) and others with Shri Kulkarni.

PI (in white shirt) and others with Shri Kulkarni.

(This is to put on record that your truly has always been inspired by Shri Kulkarni. I seek his guidance, always.)

Shri Sudheendra Kulkarni is one among the most respected columnist and surely a ‘Sane Voice’ among the Cacophonic and Sycophantic Main stream media. Here in this well argued post Taking dynasty out of democracy Shri Kulkarni has emphatically certified what you’re truly had argued in this post Navin Chawala or Democracy: Choose One.

In this post ‘Navin Chawala or Democracy: Choose One.’ You’re truly had sought to draw attention of readers to three broad point.

1. Well as I said earlier too and reiterate that democracy is not about voting alone or/and getting elected. No Way. Democracy is about: Protecting Rights, Supporting and strengthening Institutions, Affording/Providing Equal opportunities to all and any, last but not least – not only been honest and transparent but to be seen so.

2. Original Ms. Gandhi in cohorts with Communists started weakening ‘Institutions’ which has ‘Now’ been perfected by the Imported Ms. Gandhi- Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi.

3. Abusing Democracy and undermining institutions runs deep in this family. Question is: Do we need democracy or we are doomed with a family’s whims and fancy?

Shri Kulkarni besides certifying these points has some many more interesting points to add.

On Rahul Gandhi being projected as future Prime Minister, Mr. S. Kulkarni says

Now the Congress has projected Rahul Gandhi as its future leader and prime ministerial candidate. ‘Ateet ke neenv par/Bhavishya ka nirmaan’ (Building a future on the foundation of the past) say Congress posters showcasing Rahul. The very first principle of democracy? equal opportunity undiluted by birth-related privileges? has been violated by this blatant hardsell of dynasty. The assumption that a member of the Nehru family need not have governmental experience or any record of service to the nation to be projected as the future prime minister of India is an insult to the logic of democracy.

On devaluation of Democratic Institutions under congress rule…

Yes, we can be justifiably proud of our democracy. But if take a closer look, we will be able to see the infirmities and deformities within our system. Some of our present rulers have done everything to devalue institutions of parliamentary democracy. Some of the salient issues associated with the Rashtrapati’s election in July 2007 still remain unresolved. The Election Commission has become the centre of an unprecedented controversy. And we have a prime minister who is not even directly elected by the people. He prefers to play second fiddle to an extra-constitutional authority that has nominated him.

Kulkarni Sir urges us…

If we want to make India’s democracy failure-proof, let us raise our voice against what we think is wrong, even at the risk of suffering hardships. Let us campaign for a leadership culture that promotes merit and does not privilege birth. Let us demand far-reaching electoral reforms, including state funding of elections, whereby money power cannot steal or subvert people’s mandate. Let us force greater accountability upon our political leaders. And let us be vigilant in safeguarding the sanctity of our democratic institutions

He warns us too in no uncertain terms…

If we fail democracy, democracy will fail us.

I join Sir Kulkarni in his appeal to save the democracy from dynasty and ‘Take Dynasty out of Democracy.’


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Shaheed Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan 7th, Bihar Regiment, Indian Army

Shaheed Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan 7th, Bihar Regiment, Indian Army.

Even before the tears of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s mother could dry up, Congress general secretary and heir apparent Rahul Gandhi who hold License to Rule went partying with his pals at a farmhouse on Delhi’s outskirts.

Rahul in party mood soon after Mumbai


Mail Today Bureau

New Delhi, December 1, 2008


License to Govern

License to Govern


The Prince partied hard, till 5 in the morning, on Sunday at the ‘sangeet’ for the forthcoming wedding of Samir Sharma, his childhood friend. They were at a sprawling farmhouse at Radhey Mohan Chowk, the haven of people who lead charmed lives beyond Chhatarpur.

Just a day earlier, his sister Priyanka Vadra had caused a flutter by saying the late Indira Gandhi would have “made us very proud” by the way she would have reacted to the Mumbai terror strikes. Mumbai appeared to be far from her brother’s mind as he boogied at the farmhouse with Samir Sharma, US-based furniture designer son of Captain Satish Sharma, the late Rajiv Gandhi’s flying partner who nursed the First Family’s pocketborough, Rae Bareli, till Sonia Gandhi chose to contest from there in 2004.

The Prince seemed to be completely out of sync with the mood of the nation post-26/11. Since Wednesday night, officials have been cancelling parties they were meant to host and even restaurants called off special events.

Saturday night’s ‘sangeet’ was a lavish affair. It was hosted by Leena Musafir, sister of the woman with whom Samir is getting married, and her husband Inder. The party was attended by over 800 guests, including regulars at Page 3 dos. “When everyone is cancelling parties or just keeping them low-key, Rahul Gandhi had no business to be celebrating. His action makes us lose faith in future leaders,” said Ajay Bahl, a leading corporate lawyer who was trapped in the thick of the action on 26/11 at The Oberoi, Mumbai, but managed to escape with the help of the hotel staff.

The Gandhis, including Sonia Gandhi’s mother Paola Maino, were present in strength at the 2004 wedding of Samir’s sister, Sarika, who is married to actorturned- TV producer Rahul Bhatt. Sarika and Rahul now manage a television production house.

The two families may be very close — Captain Sharma and his wife, Sterre, were present throughout the very private wedding of Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra — but the circumstances now are very different.

As a guest at the ‘sangeet’ remarked on the condition of anonymity, “We were all partying, but none of us is a public person. Rahul Gandhi, however, is. He must be more responsible in his social appearances.

Courtesy: Mail Today

My only urge Listen to this, think and decide.

ai mere vatan ke logo.n
zaraa aa.Nkh me.n bhar lo paanii
jo shahiid hue hai.n unakii
zaraa yaad karo qurabaanii




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The ‘Buck’ should stop at ‘Her’ for inflicting Man Manmohan Singh as Prime Minion and PP as You’re President.

Replacing one ‘Zombie’ with another is too little too late.


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His Masters Voice.

His Masters Voice.

Yesterday in this post I published the above pic which explains every thing that is ailing the Billion plus SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC called India. 

Today, The Pioneer published Mr. Krishan Kak’s scathing satire on the recent pay hike of Your President and other worthies. It is an interesting read. Reproducing this small post as Pioneer’s site does not hold the links permanently. 

Enjoy, and do give a look at the Pic above. 



A well-deserved 300 % pay hike! 

Second opinion: Krishen Kak 

On September 11 The Pioneer informed the Indian taxpayer that the Government had hiked by a modest 300 per cent the pay of certain constitutional authorities.When our economy is so obviously flourishing, its reins in the hands of a troika of distinguished economists, why should we begrudge our President, Vice-President and Governors their share in it? 

Consider the onerous nature of their duties, which include the ability to count legislators, provide them enough opportunity to cobble together majorities, and to ensure their own selector’s writ runs large within their dominions. They, in their high offices, are to the aam admi the living representations of our cherished Constitution that we hold so sacred.

So, if the public exchequer pays them a salary beyond the wildest dreams of the republic’s common man, why should it be grudged? Why should the people sulk if the public exchequer provides them munificent perquisites? Lodging is luxurious and free, travel and transportation is on the Government, the servants are numerous, and the most expensive medical attention is guaranteed without any expenses. That is to the constitutional authority; not to the taxpayer. But then again, who cares about the latter?

On top of this, these constitutional authorities enjoy great discretion in deciding what they should pay for and what they can bill to the taxpayer. Being a former Governor’s Secretary at one time, I know they bill to the taxpayer many personal expenses. For example, they bill to the taxpayer personal gifts, personal toiletry items, expenses of their personal guests, etc. The valuable gifts they receive in their public capacity frequently end up not in the sarkari toshakhana but in their private baggage. Some may call it daylight robbery but then again, who cares about those voices?

At one time constitutional authorities were considered ‘public servants’. However, the Chief Justice of India recently declared that constitutional authorities are not public servants. The inflation rate for the aam admi is 12 per cent and monthly savings have become a distant dream of the good old days. But then again, who cares for the aam admi? As long as they cough up, who cares? Ah, for the loaves and fishes of constitutional office!

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‘Utterly Shameful’! ‘A Shameful Surrender’! ‘Secularism Exposed’! ‘Communists Exposed’! ‘Height of Doublespeak’! ‘UPA means Un Provoked Assassin’!


I am fuming. I am angry. I am agitated. Top of it, I am ‘ASHAMED’. Indeed I am! I am ashamed of being an Indian today and more so, because I dare call self as a Prudent Indian! And, I am not alone; it is a collective shame on our ‘Nation’ as well.


I for sure, knew from the beginning that this current ruling dispensation {who are UNITED (only to keep BJP out and enjoy the spoils of power) PROGRESSIVE (only to pander to Islamic Fundamentalism) ALLIANCE (less said the better. Allied! Indeed to loot just as much as possible, Notes or Votes or better still both)} had only been an ‘opportunistic’ post poll arrangement to share the loot but would they bring so much of shame and ignominy to a billion strong Nation!? Had never thought of…Alas! I was wrong.


I am aghast! Not that, had not been warning you all, but aghast that I had a hope that (even if a very little one), this ‘lame duck’ PM (Prime Minion among all Minions) would at least ‘being an Indian’ (Unlike the Sonia Maino and Communists, who do hold the Indian citizenship, former ‘reluctantly’ and later by ‘default’) keep the interest of ‘Motherland’ top most in his mind! Alas! Yet again, I was wrong to have expected so.


I am an ‘ASHAMED INDIAN’ today because.


  1. We can not save a Sarabjit from the gallows in Pakistan (as I read today’s papers his sentence has only been deferred by a month). If he was indeed a spy (but then spying for WHOM? HIS MOTHERLAND, OUR COUNTRY), then the Govt. must own up and stand by him. If he was not, then arm twist the Pakistan (if need be, by all means) and bring him back. PERIOD. Let me remind you friends, the Sass (Mother in Law) of this ‘Queen Mother Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi’-Mrs. Indira Gandhi- had let off 99,000 Pakistani soldiers; with out even extracting a concession from the then PM of Pakistan Julfikaar Ali Bhutoo – let the ‘Bahoo’ NOW (Daughter in law) get one Indian back, safe and sound! Mrs. Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi, you just can not ‘inherit’ the throne alone -albeit hiding behind the ‘veil of sacrifice’ and appointing someone for keeping the seat warm for some one ‘special’-mind you all only because he is born in a family of ‘Born Rulers hence has a ‘license to rule’– get us Sarbajit alive. I would be forgiving for releasing 99,000 Pakistani soldiers captured by our valiant soldiers in 1971,only to be let off after an infamous ‘walk and talk’ between Indira and Bhutto on mall road in Simla! My grand father (a decorated soldier) used to say often, “Soldiers won the wars…Politicians lost the gains across negotiating table”.
  2. I am ashamed because this Govt. does not have the guts to condemn what China is doing to ‘Monks’ in Tibet protesting against the atrocities of ‘Communist Party of China’!? And why? Because this Govt. is at the ‘mercy’ of Communist Party of India- INDIA!!! Really? – be it ‘Marxist’ or any hue. If this PM and his Madame shed crocodile tears after CPC do what they did in 1989 at Tiananmen Square…You know well who are to be blamed! ‘O FELLOW INDIANS’…please raise your voice and support with all your might for those who are going to be killed soon…how I wish could do more than to rant here! I ‘implore’ you all to make this ‘deaf and dumb’ Govt. listen to reason not to ‘petty minded’, nitpicking, friends of China Communists.
  3. Finally, Taslima has packed her bags and decided to leave this country! (as I read now she already has left and reached in an European Country, England perhaps) Alas! Our country of a billion plus people! We are proud to call selves as, “SOVERGIN SOCIALIST SECUALR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC (preamble in the Constitution of India)”, and what a pride! A women who dared challenge her co-religionist is hounded, attacked, harassed, denied even ‘Medical aid’, kept in ‘solitary confinement’ in the garb of ‘security’ at a secret place…happily decides to leave the “SOVERGIN SOCIALIST SECUALR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC”, lest she is ‘killed’ not by the lunatic Islamic fundamentalists (they did try, though. see the video), but by the “SECULAR” Government ‘over run’ by a ‘Secular’ Italy born ‘Super Prime Minister’ and the one supported by the ‘original sinners’ masquerading as the ‘Champions of Secularism’…only for the ‘fist full’ of Muslim votes! And these two, ‘Sonia Maino’ and ‘Communists’ bestowed us with the first ‘WOMAN’ President (we did not deserve) assuring and applauding the ‘emancipation’ of Women! Here it is how we treated her ,Taslima Nasreen! Sic! See this video and if your head does not hang in shame!

Ashamed Indian, for all the reasons mentioned above.

Taslima attacked by MLAs. Videos can be seen here.


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