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I know the title of post might offend some sensitive readers, Apologies in advance, but then when you go through the post will realize that no other word can replace this word. Further I don’t think it is time for niceties anymore, Nation need to speak and speak in the language these thugs and looters understand. Period.

I know many of you too watched the MMS Press Conference with Editors of Electronic Media on 16th, Feb 2011.

I know most of you are not only disappointed but are disgusted with the way and with what lame excuses PM gave.

I know this as well that majority of us are bewildered about How come a Man like MMS can continue as Prime Minister of India for any more minute…leave alone for rest of term!

I know all the above. But what is the point repeating all that we know and I share with most of you?

My point here is to point out specifically about the definite role or act of omission which lies at the door of MMS. For all other Sins MMS blamed everyone and anyone, he sought to drag Gujarat too (!) for his OWN failures as Head of Government.

Now let me focus on two issues where MMS has failed and has no ‘sacrificial lamb’ to shift blame to.

First issue is ‘selection’ of P J Thomas as CVC.

As many know facts of case let me say again for the benefit of those who might not. CVC is an overseeing body whose mandate is to keep a tab at Government Servants (Including Elected Representatives) to check any ‘corruption’ and take action against them.

Appointment of CVC – since is a sensitive constitutional post- is done by a Selection Committee comprising of PM, Home Minister and Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha.

Question is: Why leader of opposition?

Answer is: Because CVC is a sensitive quasi judicial post and to be fair to Opposition their ‘consent’ is sought too.

Now, PM and Home Minister appoint a person of ‘suspected integrity’ DESPITE the written dissent of LOP~!

WHY? Why do the committee disregard the ‘Written Dissent’ of LOP? Why Mr. Prime Minister you were ‘hell bent to appoint THIS GENTLEMAN P J THOMAS ALONE?  (I wonder why none of editors present in PC asked this to PM)

Answer is simple; PM was following dictates of Madame Sonia. And, Madame Sonia has a strong ‘Distaste’ for persons with ‘Impeccable Integrity’ at any seat of authority. Her fears of ‘honest with impeccable integrity’ are palpable. Starting from Your Rashtra Patil to Her Prime Minion to Minister in Cabinet to Election Commission (at least previous one Naveen Chawala) to CVC (present one PJ Thomas) … Name one appointment which had been free of controversies including Prime Minister?

Question then arises; why is she afraid of persons who are honest (Real Honest not like MMS). Why is she so scared that she needs only pliable persons like MMS? Let me add, Pranab Mukherjee has so far been a clean person despite being in public life for such a long time, He also heads almost every committee and GOMs too, why then he was not made Prime Minister? Because beyond a point He would not have bend backwards to please Madame and felicitate the Loot Madame and her cronies are doing.

Now since you have read all above you too would reach to the only conclusion I draw: That MMS appointed P J Thomas because he acted as Prime Minion of Mata Sonia – NOT as PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. Period.

So here goes MMS’s ‘Alleged Honesty and Integrity’ down the gutter. Sic!

Now, the Second Point is ‘S Band’ Spectrum allocation and then cancellation.

Dear readers I know you all are intelligent enough to know the details of ISRO – Devas deal and it’s subsequent cancellation, therefore I skip that and come straight to the point.

And the Point is to share: How close we were to National Security Disaster’.  And God Forbid had this deal gone through what could have been ‘National Security Implications’?

‘S Band’ is a very precious band of Spectrum which is widely used by our Armed Forces (All three Arms). Band is used in Radar Operation, Communications and many other vital application which, I have very limited knowledge- but certainly it is very very important for Defense Forces of our Nation. As I gather from debates on TV among highly respected Scientists, it is suicidal for the National Security to share this highly sensitive Band of Spectrum.

But then, our ‘Allegedly Honest, Mr. Clean’ ManMohan Singh Ji Maharaj neither had any inclination nor any knowledge about what was happening in the Ministry He him self is in charge of!!!

Spectrum was sold, Agreement Finalized, Company almost made deals with Foreign Operators and Honest Clean PM knew nothing all this while!!!


Who is MMS going to blame NOW? Raja? Radia?Barkha? Karunadhi? Nareender Modi? Kalmadi? WHO IS TO BE BLAMED MR. ‘HONEST AND CLEAN’ Dr. ????

Zillion thanks to The Hindu Newspaper and Aranab Goswami of Times Now, this scandal was brought to public notice. Otherwise our ‘Good, Honest, Clean’ ManMohan Singh would have sold precious spectrum for cheap and with that would have sold our National Security as well!

When issue came to public knowledge and MMS and cronies realized that Indians won’t tolerate any compromise on National Security they ‘canceled’ this agreement! Now MMS’s Government says we cancel it!

WHY DID IT WAS SIGNED IN THE FIRST PLACE? Issue is directly related with National Security did ManMohan Singh Know Not? If not then why did he not know? Is even the National Security is not for the Prime Minister to take charge of? We demand answer.

If and when DEVAS goes to court and demand ‘penalty’ be paid to them, who will pay? Will MMS pay or Sonia or Clown Prince? Monies will be paid to them(Devas)  from National Exchequer whom we pay as taxes in turn. Insult to Injury!

Mr. Prime Minion of Italian Mata you got to answer the questions I posed here and MIND YOU, they are not mine alone, Nation demands answers.

Mr. ManMohan Singh whatever little respect I still had is lost and any continuation of your in PMO is not only a Threat to Exchequers but Now to National Security as well. You said and I quote, “We still have unfinished agenda…(some thing of this sort)”!!!

What Shamelessness! NO! Enough is Enough Mr. ManMohan Singh. Do Nation a Favor; Pack your Bags and Go Home for never to return. This would be the Single Most service you do to Nation. Huh!

Prudent Indian.


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Sec Soc MSM's Crow Mentality.

Sec Soc MSM's Crow Mentality.

Political observers have observed a ‘definite secular pattern’ whenever elections are due in Gujarat and/or in any state/states where the Balidaan Moorti’s Secular party has high stakes. 

Broadly the pattern is: As soon as the Election dates are announced the hunt to find an/any Issue which is emotionally sensitive to the Biggest ‘Secular Vote’ bank of the party begins. As if on a clue; some inquiry commission/committee, Human Terrorists Rights Flag bearers, some 100% SECULAR NGOS run by Padamshri (!) come out with a ‘damning Modi’ report in Media and then the entire ‘Sec-Soc MSM’ take command in their ‘Professional Hands’already ‘suitably greased’ with Padamshris, Bhushans, free plots, privileges etc.  – and they take care that the issue is discussed/debated on each and every program 24X7 till the voting date at least, from there on it is the able hands of ‘Election Commission’ under Shri Naveen Chawala to take care. 

As I am punching keys, North Gujarat and Saurashtra region of Gujarat are casting votes to fill up 7 vacancies in a by-election for state assembly. Maharashtra; a politically significant state for NCP and Sonia Congress, Harayana and Arunachal Pradesh shall go to polls on Oct 13th– almost a month from now. 

Just couple of days before Gujarat goes to by-election, One Additional metropolitan magistrate comes out with an ‘inquiry report’ and ‘dutifully submits’ that to the Media and ‘sec-soc’ MSM not only laps it up; but splash that all over!!!!! 


Now what the report is about: Ishrat Jahan and her four male accomplices shot dead by Gujarat police as they (police) had reliable, actionable and confirmed information provided by the Centre (Manmohan Government).

Three days ahead of by-poll in Gujarat SP Tamang  [Additional] Metropolitan Magistrate  come to the conclusion that the police faked the ‘encounter’ with four ‘terrorists’, among them a young college student, Ishrat Jahan, to secure promotion and appreciation. 

Not only ‘conclusion’ which this AMM reached at, amazing is the speed at which he reached at! IN 25 DAYS FLAT! A Gujarat Govt source has told me in confidence that the report submitted is ‘hand written’. 

Amazing! Isn’t it that [Additional] Metropolitan Magistrate SP Tamang was in some tearing hurry!

Interestingly AMM SP Tamang thought it fit to release this report via Media on the eve of by poll!. 

Who did SP Tamang [Additional] Metropolitan Magistrate submit report to? 

Mukul Sinha: Defense lawyer got it before even Gujarat High Court did. 

What did Mukul Sinha the ‘defense lawyer’ does? 

He calls selected ‘Sec-Soc’ MSM and releases the report. 

What Does the ‘Sec-Soc’ MSM does? 

The Hindustan Congress Times splashes it, Barkha Didi’s 24X7 Channel shows 24X7 prominently so did Rajdeep Bhaiya  too jump in – lest Barkha Didi run away with ‘Better awards’ than him. Other channels too followed ‘cacophony’ and lo and behold: Modi is damned for killing an innocent ‘Collage girl’ as patriotic as you and me! And this line is toed by other sundry but equally secular Media pundits…and all this happens just three days before Gujarat goes to By Polls! 

This whole thing (submission and reportage of the ‘fake encounter’ report’) is acquiescently ‘choreographed’ by ‘Secular Brigade’ just ahead of Voting. 

In SP Tamang [Additional] Metropolitan Magistrate’s own words,

that the police faked the ‘encounter’ with four ‘terrorists’, among them a young college student, Ishrat Jahan, to secure promotion and appreciation. The incident occurred on June 15, 2004, in the outskirts of Ahmedabad… 

Point taken Sir. 

Does the Tamang’s ‘lightening speed’ findings, submission of ‘handwritten’ report to Sec-Soc MSM just two days ahead of polling qualify to be ‘accused and imputed- as he does to the policemen’ – to the same motive… i.e  ‘ (to) secure promotion and appreciation’ from powers ruling India from 10 Janpath

After all ‘Modi Bashing’ is an industry and many ‘secularists’ have benefited from it by making millions and by securing Padamshris/Bhushans for selves. Teesta, Barkha, Rajdeep, Shekhar Gupta, Vinod Dua etc etc are some names which come to mind instantly. So does Retd.Justice UC Baneerjee or Justice (Retd) JS Anand and top of all Justice (Retd) Rajeender Sachhar. 

In short and in Rajdeep Bhayia’s own words, ‘Secular’

  “Hamam Mein Sab Nange Hain”


Sadly though,neither this is first time; nor will be the last, when ‘serving’ or retd members of Judiciary too have ‘acquiesced’. 

As if Secular Polity and Secular Media were not enough! Secular Judiciary too joins the circus. 

Ideally the Election Commission should have taken a suo-moto notice against this blatant violation of ‘code of conduct’ and held report and it’s reportage on hold. But then, it is under Shri Naveen Chawala of ‘emergency vintage’; so we all know what to expect. Don’t We? 


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Shaheed Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan 7th, Bihar Regiment, Indian Army

Shaheed Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan 7th, Bihar Regiment, Indian Army.

Even before the tears of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s mother could dry up, Congress general secretary and heir apparent Rahul Gandhi who hold License to Rule went partying with his pals at a farmhouse on Delhi’s outskirts.

Rahul in party mood soon after Mumbai


Mail Today Bureau

New Delhi, December 1, 2008


License to Govern

License to Govern


The Prince partied hard, till 5 in the morning, on Sunday at the ‘sangeet’ for the forthcoming wedding of Samir Sharma, his childhood friend. They were at a sprawling farmhouse at Radhey Mohan Chowk, the haven of people who lead charmed lives beyond Chhatarpur.

Just a day earlier, his sister Priyanka Vadra had caused a flutter by saying the late Indira Gandhi would have “made us very proud” by the way she would have reacted to the Mumbai terror strikes. Mumbai appeared to be far from her brother’s mind as he boogied at the farmhouse with Samir Sharma, US-based furniture designer son of Captain Satish Sharma, the late Rajiv Gandhi’s flying partner who nursed the First Family’s pocketborough, Rae Bareli, till Sonia Gandhi chose to contest from there in 2004.

The Prince seemed to be completely out of sync with the mood of the nation post-26/11. Since Wednesday night, officials have been cancelling parties they were meant to host and even restaurants called off special events.

Saturday night’s ‘sangeet’ was a lavish affair. It was hosted by Leena Musafir, sister of the woman with whom Samir is getting married, and her husband Inder. The party was attended by over 800 guests, including regulars at Page 3 dos. “When everyone is cancelling parties or just keeping them low-key, Rahul Gandhi had no business to be celebrating. His action makes us lose faith in future leaders,” said Ajay Bahl, a leading corporate lawyer who was trapped in the thick of the action on 26/11 at The Oberoi, Mumbai, but managed to escape with the help of the hotel staff.

The Gandhis, including Sonia Gandhi’s mother Paola Maino, were present in strength at the 2004 wedding of Samir’s sister, Sarika, who is married to actorturned- TV producer Rahul Bhatt. Sarika and Rahul now manage a television production house.

The two families may be very close — Captain Sharma and his wife, Sterre, were present throughout the very private wedding of Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra — but the circumstances now are very different.

As a guest at the ‘sangeet’ remarked on the condition of anonymity, “We were all partying, but none of us is a public person. Rahul Gandhi, however, is. He must be more responsible in his social appearances.

Courtesy: Mail Today

My only urge Listen to this, think and decide.

ai mere vatan ke logo.n
zaraa aa.Nkh me.n bhar lo paanii
jo shahiid hue hai.n unakii
zaraa yaad karo qurabaanii




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The ‘Buck’ should stop at ‘Her’ for inflicting Man Manmohan Singh as Prime Minion and PP as You’re President.

Replacing one ‘Zombie’ with another is too little too late.


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If ever there was any friend ‘worth’ his weight in suitcase of cash gold then it is Amar Singh. We all had been listening it ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ from the time we started to crawl. But very few understood it really and applied it. All those who applied it – list isn’t very long, at least, not yet – are celebrating today as Diwali, baki sab khali.

God is Great. BUT Amar Singh is GREATEST. He is Omniscient, Omni Present and of course at a ‘price’ this Omni Fixer is bountiful too.

‘A friend in need is a friend in deed’, in-fact; was only and only for to prove that Shri Amar Singh is here for the rescue of friends, and rescued them he did.

“Yada yada he tou Phhase Jaye, Income tax Mare Chhappa,

Tadataman Sharan me Aaao meri, Bhar Kar Suitcase mein Paisa.

Kashat mein door Karoon Sab Ka, Aise Phenkoon Passa;

Apana Ullu tou Seedha ho; Tum log Bhi Dekho Tamasha’”

(Read it @ Kaka Hathrasi style)

Bolo Shri Amar Singh Maharaj ke JAI!

Offstumped here and Retributions too failed to understand the importance of Shri Shri Amar Singh Ji Maharaj. Come on man! After all Amitabh, Anil Ambani, Suborto Sahara and of course Mulayam too are not his ‘friends’ for nothing! And when need arose, even for the rescue of the almighty ‘Balidaan Moorti’ Ma Sonia and Dr. Economist MMS, came Shri Shri Amar Singh Ji Maharaj.

Yada Yada Hi CPI(M) sya, Galai-ni Bharv-ita Sonia

Pavitra –ye- Manmohan Naam,

Vinash – E – che BHAJAPA Kaam.

Secular-E-NaaM Sansthanpana-E

Sambhavimi Amar Mulayam Yug –E Yuge.

Sab ‘Prem’ se Bolo Amar Singh Ji Maharaj ki Jai.

I warm all those who call Shri Amar Singh Ji Maharaj as a ‘fixer’ or dealer or in simple term as a ‘Dallal’. Dare, you call him a name, lest I take you to court for ‘hurting my religious’ sentiments.

I am Amar Bhakat from now on.

After all Amitabh, Anil Ambani could not have been wrong- incidentally, I too share my first allaphabate of name with Amar, Amitabh and Anil.


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Sonia 'Maino' Gandhi.

Ma Balidaan Moorti: Sonia

Thirty months ago, in the year of 2004 a marvelous thing had happened, which had not happened anywhere, as far as I know. A great lady of the First family of Indian politics had “renounced” the post (which cynics say was not offered at all, by The Honorable President) and appointed (forced to nominate some one) a humble man as the Prime Minister of INDIA. 

WOW! What a day it was! Full of Drama, Suspense, Thrill, Adventure, Action and Wailing of Congress men and women (in Central Hall of Parliament) requesting her to be the PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA (as if they felt ManMohan as an Imposed PM). 

I watched (enjoyed) from a distance, as the drama-unfolded day in day out. 

Long pagans were sung in praise of Sonia’s spirit of sacrifice. Reams of pages were written by the “Friendly and Secular” press. Hours of prime time (if not days prime time) were spent discussing the phenomenon of what was euphemistically called “spirit of sacrifice”; the “Liberal, Secular and Progressive” electronic media aired endless episodes of “Big Fight and We the People” eulogizing the “Sacrifice”. 

There were those “communal” people like, yours truly too (happy being a cynical), who were skeptical and were chewing on this affair with sacks full of salt. But could do nothing. Because as soon as we opened our “communal” mouth we were shouted down by the “secular people” who claimed, “We have got mandate of the people”. Mandate! Oh Really? 

This forced “Sacrifice” of Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi was literally converted to her Sainthood by the sycophant Men, Women, Babas and Babes of Congress .She attained the status of  the ‘Goddesses of Sacrifice’. Balidaan Devi! 

The new Balidaan Devi who could manage just five seats more than BJP but less than what Sita Ram Kesari got; Sacrificed (what was not, probably offered to her?) and Conquered (As Chairperson of UPA, thus Omniscient, Omni Known and Omni Potent, without any accountability to any one). 

Thirty months down the Time and the goddess of sacrifice has truly emerged as a real Balidaan Devi! 

Balidaan Devi! Indeed she is. 

I am fully convinced, NOW, that she is a true Balidaan Devi. Just Like Maa Kali the original Balidaan Devi! 

How? Since you asked, let me explain. 

Just as Maa Kali is offered Balidaan (sacrifice of an animal or some thing else) by her devotees seeking Divine blessings. So is with Sonia, the Balidaan Devi! Only difference is: In her case the ‘Prasad’ is ministry or any other perks of power and devotees are Congress walas and walais or the cronies of left or left of center parties, partners in the Govt. 

Have a look at the Balidaans made at the altar of Ma Sonia: Congress sacrificed ever thing (Values, Morality, Ethics, Propriety, Rules, Conventions or even Constitutional obligations and proprieties). 

As we witnessed at the time of formation of the alliance they named as “United Progressive Alliance or UPA. How much United they are does not merit any debate now. Progressive? Huh! With reservations over merit and now on the basis of religion explains amply, to make the matters worse the frequent and ever increasing suicides by the farmers is another case in the point, to name only just few. 

Alliance, Indeed! Of opportunistic petty politicians and parties, post elections-nay-post results-post negotiation for the ministries desired. Alliance of Chor, Daku, Murders, Looters – who fight among themselves?  And interestingly or ironically, these ‘allies’ fought and shall fight elections against, Congress alone. 

The pivot of alliance! 

All norms and morality were sacrificed to appoint the persons who are tainted, or are believed to be. Even the Spirit of Constitution was sacrificed because the image of Balidaan Devi and ‘Her Majesty’s Govt.’ was at stake as we witnessed the rape of democracy in Goa, Jharkhand and Bihar

Even the good office and honor of the Office of the President of India was sacrificed too, Office of profit Issue and the late night call to the President when he was away to Russia and getting the recommendation signed for the dissolution of Bihar assembly, which The Honorable Supreme Court had termed as “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” are the shinning examples of sacrifices made in the honor of Balidaan Devi  of the Congress. 

Even the persons who had become a threat to Balidaan Devi image were sacrificed. Buta Singh, Jagdish Tytler, Ajay Maken, Natwar Lal –oops – Singh to name few. 

If this is the frequency of the Balidaans demanded, day is not far when the whole Nation might be at risk. 

Whose turn it will be to offer nextBalidaan?

Shiela Dikshit? Arjun (reservation) Singh? Shiv Raj (blubbering) Patil?

OR ManMohan Singh? 

Watch This Space.


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Secularism: The Biggest threat to India.

Admittedly my opening statement will shock most of you. I know what you might think, my being the most politically Incorrect in this fashionable age of being “politically correct”. Nevertheeless I stick to my guns and even at the risk of being labeled, as “communal” honestly want to open debate on the subject.

Let me put the record straight, I am not writing any thing, which has been debated so many times, and by so many people that after cricket this is the one another topic every body is equally an expert as any one else. There is a virtual “secular” industry thriving on this subject. And many of them are now “emenient”journalists, politicians of all hues and colors, intellengestia, groups etc. And I am not part of any of them.
For me, to begin with, the very word “secular” is an alien word. It is a word or “ism” invented by few very intelligent people. This word is used very selectively and this “ism” is an infinitely elastic. As I see it this has divided the society in to two. Secular and Communal. You or me are either one or the other. There are no middle grounds. And most interestingly it is the “secularists” who posses the knowledge and wisdom to decide .If they admit you in your elite club then you are “secular” and if you question them, howsoever rational your are, are labeled “communal”.

Once again with out going in to the often-repeated words like minioritism, appeasement, terrorism, history writings etc. I ask after all what have we achieved being “secular”?

-Partition of India? May Be. Our great leaders then decided to assimilate the other group in to the main stream and they (Muslim League) wanted concessions then more then more, and being secular we met the demands one by one in our zeal to be “secular” and ultimately they wanted a separate state and we obliged after paying a very heavy price.

-Division of the society? Definitely Yes. Rather than uniting the society it has divided the society more. The glasses we wear, Secular or Communal, are viewing every thing and any thing. Irrespective of the issue the focus almost always shifts to it being “secular” or “communal”. Even the issues like Nationalism and terrorism are weighed on the scale of “secularism” and “communalism”.

-Betrayal of democracy? Yes. We are proud of being a Democracy. If democracy mean only, conducting regular elections and transfer of power with out blood shed. Then we are. But if it means involvement of people and raising their issues then, are we? What we have in the name of democracy is a shrewd combination and permutation of electoral mathematics. And the root of “secularism” lies in this electoral mathematics.

We hail the “secularism” when we see our Noble Ministers in the company of an Osama look-alike during election campaigns. We hail “secularism” by refusing to accept most (almost?) Islamic terrorists are carrying out terror acts. Our “secularism” restricts us to celebrate and pay respect to our national Heros, symbols, culture etc.

It was “secularism” which gave us the govt, we rightly deserve. United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Only adhesive which keeps them together is “secularism”. Have a look please…

Mr. Prime Minister

@Mercy of the QUEEN

C/o. Reverential Karat ji, Yechuri Ji, DassGupta Ji, BasuDev Ji, Paswan Ji, Soren Ji, Ramdoos Ji, Asali Pm Ji, Nakali Pm Ji, Super Pm Ji, Could have been Pm @ 25 Shri Rahul Ji, Priyanka Ji, Robert Ji, Arjun Ji, Should Have been PM Ji (Pranab Mukherjee Ji) and lest I forget, SADHU Ji And his JIJA JI. (Unqualified apologies for any name inadvertently left out).

We thank all of you Oh! all noble ladies and Gentlemen from delivering us from the clutches of “communal” forces. All other issues like safety and security, poverty, National pride, economic growth, infrastructure etc.are sacrificed at the altar of “secularism”. Thanks Again?

This is precisely where we are after practicing “secularism”.

Now if I feel that this “secularism” is the biggest threat to our country it is for the same reasons stated above.

But the debate has started and I expect you to enlighten me more on the subject. All and any views are most welcome.


Prudent Indian

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