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Yatha Guru Tatha Chela.





If you ever wondered how shameless, duplicitous, cunning one can be! Then surely you have not met a true CONman yet.

On October 6th, 2010. Rahul Gandhi (40 years old Middle Aged) Clown Prince of CON party once again shot his mouth off and equated RSS with SIMIMiddle Aged Clown Prince with serious ‘foot in mouth’ disease is reported to have parroted the lie his CON party has been peddling for years. Middle Aged Clown Prince said and I quote,

“Both these organisations have hardline fundamentalist ideologies.”

When pointed out to 40 years Old Middle Aged Clown Prince that SIMI is a ‘proscribed’ organization while RSS is not, the Scion of CON party said and I quote,

“…both these organisations preach fundamentalist ideologies. That’s a fact and nothing is going to change that fact,”

Rahul Middle Aged Gandhi is not to be blamed for this gaffe and/or outright stupendous statement. Well, at least I give him benefit of ‘Ignorance’. I never expect any ‘sensible’ thing from him even. Since the Middle Aged man has neither grown up ‘mentally’ nor has become Man enough to think independently still.

This reflects truly the ‘mantel’ of this 40 years Old Middle Aged man whom the Paid Media Maharathis has been projecting as ‘future PM’ of India. Sic!

But then Rahul just ‘parroted’ what has been tutored to him by The Most CON man of CON party –Digvijay Singh. Who has been given the ‘onerous’ task of making Rahul a true CON prince.

‘Yatha Guru Tatha Chela’ is an old Indian wisdom. With a Teacher as shameless, duplicitous and cunning as Diggy Raja is, will Rahul be any different? Sic!

Recently on Karan Thapar’s Devils’ Advocate the ‘UGLIEST’ face of CON man came to fore. Not that we didn’t know it- only this time it is well recorded. Watch Just how shameless this man is!

Watch This…

Two Three quick points …

Diggy Raja (Loathsome CON man) accuses RSS because ‘alleged’ Hindu Terrorists had RSS background thus blame RSS, but CON party is not to be blamed for Sikh Massacre perpetrated by CON party GOONS under Rajiv Gandhi’s Watch?

– For this Sick CON man planting bomb is terror act (which indeed is) but dragging out innocent Sikhs Men, Women, Children on to streets and put on fire ALIVE is not terror act!!!! SICK IS HE NOT???

– Further all those who he names as Hindu terrorists and ‘implicated’ are yet to be convicted. While CON party REWARDED Tytler with Ministry and Sajjan is still not convicted even after 25 years.

– This bugger is just ‘sorry’ for GENOCIDE OF SIKH MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN who were butchered since it happened after math of Indira’s assassination!

– This loathsome man doesn’t find killing 3000 SIKHS by CON goons as an act of COMMUNAL terror!

– This CON Man visited the houses of SIMI terrorists killed in Batala House encounter but has no tear for Inspector M C Sharma who sacrificed life in line of duty!


Forewarning/Forecasting : This loathsome CON man- Diggy Raja- could become ( if I believe whispers in New Delhi’s corridors of Power) an interregnum Prime Minister some time in 2012 when your President PP retires and Mata’s Prime Minion MMS shifts to Rashtrapati  Bhawan. BEWARE.

Hope will be around to see if I am right or not.



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Why should not we question Rajiv Gandhi’s complicity in Bhopal aftermath Mr. Manish Tiwari? What is ‘unpatriotic’ about it?

Why should not we question Rajiv Gandhi’s complicity in Bhopal aftermath Mr. Manish Tiwari? What is ‘unpatriotic’ about it?

CONgress party is full of too ‘clever by half Lawyers’ of all hues, colors, size and sexes. Manish Tiwari MP from Ludiana, Punjab is one of them. Unfortunately for him he is also spokesman for the party which more often than not, finds self in a soup.

CONgress has been facing flak from all directions for its ‘confirmed’ role in making Warren Anderson escape for good from the law of land. Now since we all know almost every detail about his arrest, flight to New Delhi by MP Govt’s state plane. It is also in public knowledge that the then foreign secretary had arranged a meeting of his (Warren Anderson) with the then President Giani Zail Singh and then Home Minister PV Narsimha Rao. Thereafter he was allowed to fly back to the safe and secure confines of his Home back in USA.

Now all the above are facts which even the CONgress is not denying and so are the sequences of events too are not challenged by them either. Main players are all CONgress men too. Both @ centre and in MP CONgress party was in power. So what and where is the confusion and why responsibility for letting off WA is not fixed? Here it is where CONgress party is in a dilemma.

Dilemma is: How to salvage Rajiv Gandhi’s reputation or whatever is left of that. Because all fingers lead to only one direction – for this all sordid drama around arrest of WA and thereafter   allowed to go free- and that is in Rajiv Gandhi’s. No one is willing to buy that Arjun Singh acted on his own and Rajiv had nothing to do with it. Rajiv had Foreign portfolio too so it is bizarre to think he knew nothing when his own Foreign Secretary was involved? And this I say assuming he didn’t know as PM then!But then, this ‘excuse’ again is not a good reflection on him. If I remember right then he was President of CONgress party too.

To make matters worse CONgress party leaders outwit other fellow CON men by issuing statements of all types of contradictory to others. But most damning one is from one PM (Pranab Muherjee) who would never be PM (Prime Minister). This is a subject of one full blog, some other time. Pranab Da made a statement that Arjun Singh took this decision to send WA out of Bhopal for worsening Law and Order situation in the city. It is laughable even if we believe this was the case. But then India is huge and they could have locked up WA anywhere safe and presented to court.

In short, CONgress and its minions are finding it extremely difficult to sound ‘authentic’ while trying to salvage Rajiv Gandhi’s sullied image. Matters become worse as Madame Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi’s pleasure is supreme most for CON men/women/Babas and Babes to ‘survive’ in party and share loot of public money. Hence the frustration. Frustration is more palpable for those who have to appear on 24X7 Nuisance channels as spokesperson for the Gandhi ‘Familia’.

Frustration and confusion is very hard to miss on the faces of Jayanti Natrajan and Manish Tiwari while defending indefensible. This despite the fact that, PadamShris Anchors of 24X7 Nuisance Channels are ‘equally’ sympathetic, if not more to the Madame. To wriggle out of this very difficult situation these spokespersons have resorted to ‘inanities’ of all hues.

Latest one is from Liar Lawyer spokesman of CONgress Mr. Manish Tiwari. 🙂  Mr. Manish says that,

“Those blaming Rajiv Gandhi on Bhopal issue not patriotic”.

Now this is rich, indeed! Since when questing a PM has become synonyms with Patriotism?

Manish says,

“Rajiv Gandhi or his government had nothing to do with it. It is baseless and cheap to insinuate that a Prime Minister, who had to sacrifice his mother just one and half month ago (before assuming his office) and then sacrificed his own life five years later for the nation’s integrity, allowed somebody to escape out of the country under any pressure (from the US),”

Please note,

“a Prime Minister, who had to sacrifice his mother just one and half month ago (before assuming his office) and then sacrificed his own life” 🙂

If this is what are his drafting skills than Lawyer Manish’s clients better be aware. 🙂

Now look at another gem from one All India Women Congress chief Prabha Thakur! In a statement she strongly objected to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi seeking a reply from Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the Bhopal issue.

She says,

“Modi’s move to seek a reply from Gandhi on this issue is a cheap attempt to mislead people of the country… people know that Gandhi had no connection with politics 25 years ago,”

Outright Stupid! Sonia is now the Whole Sole Mallik of CONgress party and it is in this capacity she should clarify her CONgress party and Rajiv Gandhi’s (then PM and her late Husband) role and complicity in whole saga.

Idiocy of the LadyThakur is amazing! She says,

“They are now politicising the issue, which is like applying salt instead of balm to the wounds of the victims. People know Modi’s politics of baking bread on the pyres.”

May I ask these CONgress spokes person one question? What is to politicize? These stupid parrots each time when u ask them ‘Do not politicize issue’. Be it rising prices, foreign policy blunders, ministers corruption, farmers suicide, subversion of democratic institutions or/and anything which is directly related to public and affects them, These worthies have a stock reply ‘do not politicize’. What to politicize then, Idiots? Yours or my ass? Huh!

Her reference to Narrender Bhai Modi as

People know Modi’s politics of baking bread on the pyres.”

Her own rhetoric Boomerang on her and CONgress. It was CONgress party PM and CM who traded tragic death of 15000 INDIANS by setting free A FOREIGNER who was and is principally responsible for their deaths. Sonia led CONgress had let go Italian Mr. Q too.

Country has a right to know WHY and for HOW MUCH CON party’s PM and CM traded off 15000 dead Indians keeping the interest of Foreigner Businessman’s interest over dead INDIANS.

Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi will have to answer better sooner than later.

If questioning Rajiv Gandhi is ‘unpatriotic’ so I am unpatriotic like billion plus others. I do not need a certificate from a MORON like Manish Tiwari Huh!  Period.


Ps: Meanwhile CONgress spokespersons keep making fool of selves please. 🙂

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Dow shall be liable

Dow shall be liable

The year 1984 has been a year full of unfortunate happenings affecting the trajectory of India adversely for long time to come.  The year was most bloodiest since 1947.

Just a look at 1984 the year it was.

June 3-6 Operation Blue Star.

The most sacred place of Sikhs, Golden Temple was raided by Armed Forces to hound and hunt Jarnail Singh Bhinderwal – a Frankenstein of Indira Gandhi’s  own creation to outwit Akalis – resulting in Huge loss of human lives both Civil and Army Jawans; massive destruction to the Temple Complex and very wounded psyche of otherwise brave and patriotic Sikh Community.

Nov. 31th. Indira Gandhi Assassination.

Then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was brutally murdered by her own Sikh Guards.

Nov. 31st to December 4.

Following Indira’s assassination, Cong party goons brutally dragged Sikhs out on streets and were set on fire. I saw this with my own eyes on Delhi streets. Over 3000 Sikhs who had nothing to do with Indira’s murder were burnt alive, only because they shared religion with those who killed Indira!

All this happened under Rajiv Gandhi’s watch.

Till date no one has been punished instead some of those who led Mobs and directed killing of Sikhs were rewarded with Minister Ship by Rajiv and subsequent Congress Governments. Sic!

Intervening night of 2 and 3rd December. Bhopal.

On this fateful night over 15,000 men/women/ children and countless cattle /birds/animals breathed Poisonous methyl isocyanate while asleep and never woke up again. One of the biggest Industrial accidents it was.

Now, I recounted all above mentioned incidents/accidents because in all above there is a common link and that is: Congress. Indira Gandhi had popularized ‘Foreign Hand’ theory in about almost every thing where and when she wanted to deflect people’s attention from her own follies. It is the same party’s HAND which is visible.

Now, although Bhopal Tragedy wasn’t Congress made/engineered but the disaster management post Gas leak was a disaster of its own magnitude. Right from relief to investigating to apprehending culprits to even filing court case and bringing culprits to book- the HAND of Con party is all too visible.

Be it for Political reasons/gains or Monetary, Con party had/have no compunctions in shortchanging interest of people – so called Aam Adami – it claims to represent.

If CHACHA Ji’s singly minded pursuance of ‘his own tryst with destiny’, led to partition of Bharat. Then Indira’s cynical and manipulative politics of up man ship led to not only her own gruesome end but to most Horrendous Massacre of Sikhs. Prime Minion of Sonia calls Gujarat Post Godhra riots as Holocaust but keeps mum on this! Sic! (Read this please)

Rajiv Gandhi then Prime Minister not only presided over the Killings of Sikhs by party goons but justified it too. All those who led mobs to kill Sikhs were rewarded with Ministerial berths, Governors etc. 26 years has passed since but not one Culprit has been punished! Sic!

Arjun Singh as CM of Madya Pradesh then in 1984, personally ensured that Warren Anderson comes to no harm and was safely escorted out of country even when his complicity in Bhopal Tragedy was apparent to all. The same fossil minded Arjun Singh not long ago had called all Sikhs as murderers of Indira! Sic! (Read this)

Yesterday Bhopal court pronounced a judgment in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Expectantly it is ‘too little too late’. Why I say ‘expectantly’? Is because the case filed by CBI was diluted and filed under not so stringent laws, so this judgment was on expected lines, why blame the Judge? Blame lies elsewhere in Con party’s hand.

I am disappointed with Courts too. Had they wanted they could have expedited or minimum would have asked Government /CBI to file under stringent laws? After all Judiciary has every now and then shown their fangs what is called as ‘Judicial activism’!

I am not ranting against Con Party, but I write all this to make you realize how bad the things were and still are. This all I write in utter frustration as nothing has improved since then. And new government ‘allegedly’ led by Prime Minion of Sonia  is no better than earlier Con governments if not worst.

Deeply Anguished.


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Pic Courtesy: barbarindian


All Sikhs were ‘Murderers of Indira Gandhi’. Hence, 1984 ‘Sikh Massacre’ is justified, implies  Arjun Singh?

I am shocked to see this report as published in the ‘The Indian Express’, Delhi edition, dated today May 22nd. 2008

I am reproducing the report with a ‘serious’ objection to the statement made by Mr. Arjun Singh a Senior Cabinet Minister in the present govt, headed by Dr. ManMohan Singh.

Kindly read this carefully with the special attention to the part of statement highlighted.

Arjun repeats: Sonia, Rahul have filled gap left by Rajiv

Express News Service

Posted online: Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 2213 hrs

LUCKNOW, MAY 21 : Reiterating his commitment and loyalty to the Gandhi family and the Congress party, Human Resources Development Destruction Minister Arjun Singh on Wednesday said Sonia Gandhi and son Rahul have been able to fill the vacuum created by the death of Rajiv Gandhi.

Addressing a function organised by the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee here to mark the death anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Singh said: “Rajiv Gandhi was an exceptional persons and he contributed a lot for the empowerment of the weaker section of our society. His death had created a vacuum. Fortunately, Sonia and Rahul have filled that vacuum.”

“Only a person who is totally committed to the nation can make an attempt like Rajiv Gandhi did to bring murderers of his mother into the mainstream,” said the HRD minister. Rajiv always took up the cause of weaker sections of society and this resulted in increased representation of women in the Panchayati Raj system, he added.

Trashing reports that the Congress lacked support within the UPA on the quota issue for the backwards, Singh said the legislation received the Cabinet’s full support and was passed unanimously in Parliament.

Mr. Arjun Singh in his zeal to prove self as the most sincerest of all loyalists to the Sonia and Rahul has inadvertently (or knowing his wily fox personality, willingly) has admitted to the fact that Congress and its goons held all Sikhs responsible for the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

Reread the highlighted part.

This current Cabinet Minister implies, unequivocally that all “SIKHS were Murderers of Indira Gandhi”, but Rajiv brought them in to ‘mainstream’! Sic!

Arjun Singh implies, that since ‘all SIKHS’ were responsible, hence he indirectly though, yet ‘justifies’ the Massacre of over 3000 Sikhs by the Congress Goons on the streets in Nov. 1984!

He implies, that since the “massacre of Sikhs” is justified hence why punish those who dutifully orchestrated the ‘blood soaked orgy’ on the streets by dragging Sikhs out from their houses ;drenching them with Petrol and setting them on fire!

Let me remind you friends, two of the three accused of shooting down Indira; who were found guilty, were awarded death sentence by the Honorable Supreme Court and the sentence have long been executed.

By no stretch of any logic, jurisprudence or/and law of natural justice ‘implicate’ the whole community for the act of few. The same applies to Muslims too – and all the ‘Secularists’ remind this to us again and again – despite the fact that, most of the terrorists are ‘Muslims’ or they carry Muslim sounding names – at least.

What happened on Oct 30th. 1984 and after wards?

Two Sikh bodyguards killed Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India on Oct 30th,1984.

“Khoon Ka Badla Khoon Se Lenge” was the order of day. On the DD, all and any could easily hear these shouts, inciting (or imploring) those day’s Congress Men/Women/Babas and Babes.

Identifying Sikhs and killing them started, from AIIMS in Delhi where body of Indira was kept.

By late evening of 31st, Massacre started and spread fast to all Delhi and then to other parts as well, as far as North East.

Invariably, ‘modes-operandi’ was same all over the places. Sikhs; dragged out from their houses by ‘Congress Goons’, poured petrol/kerosene on them and set on fire. Burning Tires; slipped on their heads. Sikh’s shops/houses looted and then burnt.

Over 3000, (some quote as high as 5000+) Sikhs killed in three days.

Just have a look at who ‘all’ were in power, then.

The President : Giani Zail Singh

Prime Minister : Rajiv Gandhi

Home Minister : P V Narismha Rao

All Congress men thus ‘secular to the core’!

Congress has a cheek to call this massacre as ‘riot’! OH! Really! By Arjun Singh’s own assertion – up above, ‘Sikhs’ had it calling. So no bullet ever fired by Police to control the ‘Congress Goons’! No one else except ‘Sikhs’; were killed, no body else; neither by Sikhs nor by Police! NOW, Delhi has/had a large cantonment, and Army deployment would have been matter of hours if not minutes, yet it took three days?!

Killers were suitably rewarded. Jagdish Tytler had been a minister in ManMohan’s Cabinet until a recent past. Kamal Nath, Sajjan Kumar, and many others were accused too; but rewarded, nevertheless. However, when they (Congress) had already decided it was an ‘extra judicial’ justice dispensation system, as Arjun proudly recounts, so what and to whom to complain! They were Victims, Judge, Jury and prosceutors. Huh!

The ‘Secularist Jihadis’ are never tired of calling ‘Gujarat Riots’ as of ‘Muslim Massacre by Hindus’, conveniently omitting any reference to Godhara – and its innocent Hindu children; men ; women burnt alive – and even the ‘so called’ Prime Minister Minion called ‘Gujarat Riots’ as ‘Holocaust’! Do read a comparison chart here.

No two wrongs make a right, I agree, but then when, the man who is the ‘Messiah of Secularism’ equates all Sikhs as Murderers of Indira, thus terrorists! The ‘Secular’ mask slips, and what we see is an ‘ugly face of blatant communal- ism’. I dare him call all Muslims as ‘Terrorists’, though 99% are infect Muslims. What we now stare at is the naked face of opportunism, cynical hunger for loot of office, loyalty to a particular family is foremost, over and above all to the Loyalty to the Nation; National Interest or its people. Just for few ‘loaves’ more! Make the most, As long as it lasts!

These men/women are our rulers these days! What a shame for a billion plus Nation!

Will dime a dozen secular NGO’s take up the issue?

Will the ‘Secular, Liberal and Progressive’ media highlight this?

Will ‘eminent’ editors, arrange any studio discussions – ‘We the People’ and ‘Big Fights’ – on the issue on their 24X7 Channel?

Answer is NO to all the above.

However, Will Supreme Court take a suo moto notice of this? I am hopeful and pray the Honorable Supreme Court to take up the matter, urgently.

Prudent Indian

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